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Contributing to /kbin

We always welcome new supporters and contributors. A quick list below of possible ways to contribute to /kbin.

Note: Understand that /kbin is a young project, and we are all volunteers. Please be nice! ❤


The code code is mainly written in PHP using the Symfony framework with Twig templating and a bit of JavaScript & CSS.

With an account on Codeberg you will be able to fork this repository and git clone the repository locally if you wish. As well as creating a new Pull Request in Codeberg. Also be sure to avoid regression, see below for more info about the coding style as well as testing.

Coding Style Guide

We use php-cs-fixer to automatically fix code style issues according to Symfony coding standard.
It is based on the PHP-FIG coding standards.

Install PHP-CS-Fixer first: composer -d tools install

Then run the following command trying to auto-fix the issues: ./tools/vendor/bin/php-cs-fixer fix


When fixing a bug or implementing a new feature or improvement, we expect that test code will also be included with every delivery of production code.

There are three levels of tests that we distinguish between:

  • Unit Tests: test a specific unit (SUT), mock external functions/classes/database calls, etc. Unit-tests are fast, isolated and repeatable
  • Integration Tests: test larger part of the code, combining multiple units together (classes, services or alike).
  • Application Tests: test high-level functionality, APIs or web calls.

For more info read: Symfony Testing guide.


You might want to load random data to database instead of manually adding magazines, users, posts, comments etc.
To do so, execute: bin/console doctrine:fixtures:load --append --no-debug

Please note, that the command may take some time and data will not be visible during the process, but only after the finish.

  • Omit --append flag to override data currently stored in the database
  • Customize inserted data by editing files inside src/DataFixtures directory


Translations are done in Weblate.


Documentation is stored at in the docs folder within git. And periodically synced with our Codeberg wiki pages. Create a new pull request with changes to the documentation files.


We have a very active Matrix community. Feel free to join our community, ask questions, share your ideas or help others!

Reporting Issues

If you observe an error or any other issue, create an new issue in Codeberg. A couple notes about this:

  • Please try to verify that your issue is not already present before you create a new issue. You can search on existing open issues.
  • We actually prefer you to not include [Feature Request] or [Bug Report] or similar tags in the title. Instead, we'll add the labels for you.
  • If you're reporting an issue that happened while you're on a specific instance, please include the URL.
  • If the issue is related to design/UI, please also include screenshots.
  • If you're the server admin and have access to logging, please also include logs when relevant.

Reporting Security Vulnerability

Contact Ernest (@ernest_:matrix.org) and/or Melroy (@melroy:melroy.org) via Matrix, using an encrypted room.

I Have a Question

Before you ask a question, it is sometimes a good practice to search for existing issues that might help you.

If you still feel the need for asking a question, we recommend joining our community on Matrix where you can ask your questions to our community members.