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JupiterUI Extensions

Jupiter extensions are additional CSS or JavaScript files that add functionality. They are sometimes excluded from the core to reduce the file size.

Official Extensions

Occasionally, extensions will be listed that are not "official," in that JupiterUI, as an organization, didn't write. In the extension folder, it will be specified who the creator is.

Layout of Extensions

Extensions are folders that (primarily) consist of:

  • a file explaining the purpose and use of the extension; and
  • either a .css file or a .js file.

On occasion, like the Vivus extension (introduced in 3.5.0), there will also be source files. These can be ignored; the README will clarify which files to use.

Using an extension

JavaScript extensions

Sometimes JavaScript extensions will need access to the JupiterUI core. Since Jupiter, when compiled, closes all access to the core, you may need to manually add an extension to Jupiter. The extension will explain this, if applicable.

For all other types of extensions, CSS files included, you simply add a <link> or <script> tag, respectively.