A component-first UI kit that's flexible and extendable. https://jupiterui.codeberg.page/
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Version 3.2.2:

  • added:
    • .shallow-link for giving regular elements the behavior of a link
    • New .dynamic-view (same as .panel) element for hiding and showing panels with the aria-expanded directive
    • .j-tag now accepts the .sm modifier class
    • New _accessibility.scss file which will be expanded upon in upcoming releases
    • Support for next-themes via the html[data-theme=""] directive
    • More letter spacing and font size classes
    • Added support for grid rows
    • Default <section> elements are no longer affected by the _modular.scss code. Use .section explicitly instead
    • New .dark-invert class for swapping colors on dark mode.
    • New .no-shadow class for removing box shadows
    • New .dark-text-[color]-[weight] classes
    • New .text-hover-[color]-[weight] classes
    • dropdown_mouse_leave_closes_menu config option.
  • modifed:
    • <code> elements are now dark and more visible
    • Corrected min-height class values

Version 3.2.1:

  • added:
    • 3 new gradients: g-tempting-azure, g-new-life, g-happy-fisher
    • New bg-transparent class
  • modified:
    • --ui-... default CSS variables no longer obey prefers-color-scheme
    • moved sizing to a separate layout/sizing folder

Version 3.2.0:

  • added:
    • .ghost-button
    • Even lighter text-color-006 UI variable
    • .sim-container=[l, r] class. This simulates a container by adding margin to the left that amounts to the distance the container is from the viewport.
  • modified:
    • .j-input now use sizes ([sm, md, lg, ...])
    • .j-input now accepts bg-green-01 as well as bg-red-01 to modify state styles.
    • Opened up UI colors to be accessible all the time. Example: dark-text-color-012
    • Added wide breakpoint at 1440px for Grid layouts. This may be coming to other layouts as well.

Version 3.1.0:

  • added:
    • surface-disabled class
    • invert class
    • Added a few more sizing values
    • .j-button can now support nested loaders.
  • modified:
    • Links are now selectable
    • Spacing with modal subtitle was improved
    • Attempted to handle loader 404 error on some frameworks (WIP)

Version 3.0.1:

  • patched:
    • localStorage calls are now wrapped in try {} catch {} to prevent issues when using embedded content.

Version 3.0.0:

  • Added:
    • Cards! (See cards.html)
    • Cards, section, features examples
    • More spacing REM options
    • Gradients! (all sourced from: Web gradients)
    • Much better shadows!
    • Added .underline and .cover variation classes for .j-link
    • Added warn_on_leave and set_leave_callback functions to utility_functions.js. See that file for more info
  • Modified:
    • Improved color logic
    • The default theme (in CSS) is now what the user's browser has set to "preferred"
    • Most components now use REM exclusively.
  • Removed:
    • All pixel-related spacing classes (margin and padding) were removed. Use REM instead.
    • Most !important additives were removed to conserve bundle size.
    • "Inter" font was removed to prevent issues and reduce bloat

Version 2.0.0:

  • Added:
    • Examples!
    • Toggle form component was introduced.
    • Added anchor_options and animation_options to jupiter_config
    • Added enable_logs to jupiter_config
    • Added utility function log() to check the above config value.
    • Added color buttons
    • Added transition timing function and duration classes
    • Modal objects now accept hyperfocus mode
  • Modified:
    • Replaced default colors with a much more complete spectrum. Likewise, the color classes have been modified therein. These are from the Carbon Design System.
    • Background colors were replaced with a more consistent set.
    • Animation motion timing functions have been replaced with two types, productive and expressive. These are from the Carbon Design System.
    • Component easing now follows the new motion timing funtions.
    • Spacing sizes were reduced considerably; REM spacing was improved
    • JavaScript files were improved for consistency and maintainability
  • Removed:
    • Most border styles were removed. They will be added soon.
    • Redundancy in $colors was reduced.
  • (among many others not significant enough to include here...)