The elegant and reliable UI kit for web artisans.
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Version 4.3.0:

  • modified:
    • Much better, more consistent styling for standard HTML elements inside an <article> element.
      • Styling for <ul> (and <li>) elements
      • Styling for <hr> component for elegant line breaks
      • Styling for <blockquote> component
      • Article-specific styling for <code> component
      • Styling for <a> elements which are not normal Jupiter links (.j-link) or buttons (.j-button)
      • Styling for <img> elements which are not normal Jupiter images (.j-image)

Version 4.2.0:

  • added:
    • REM sizing values now accept classes for sizes 3.5rem and 3.75rem
    • Line height values now accept classes for heights 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, and 1.4
    • New .flex-cr class for items centered vertically in row direction. This class is equivalent with the following classes: flex flex-row align-c
    • Additional backdrop-blur-[size] classes. The full list is now: '1' '2' '3' '4' '5' '6' '7' '8' '9' '10' '11' '12' '13' '14' '15' '20' '25' '30'
    • New border-color-[color] classes for colored borders. Example: .border-color-magenta for border-color: var(--magenta-60);
    • More Grid gap spacing options.
    • You can now modify the animation of the .dynamic-view component with the same animations that .j-dropdown-menu uses.
    • New .ellipsis class which is equivalent to: text-overflow: ellipsis;
  • modified:
    • Moved header.css from src/assets to src/css

Version 4.1.0:

  • added:
    • .morph class variant for .j-button (see index.html)
  • modified:
    • .j-button now has a border by default to match the size of the .give-border appearance

Version 4.0.0:

  • added:
    • You can now customize the .j-dropdown-menu animation with: .slide-up, .slide-down, .scale-in, and .no-animation
    • New .give-border class for .j-button for an auto-themed border and box shadow (with .emphasize-[sm, md, ...] classes to size the shadow differently)
    • New config values enable_responsive_margins and responsive_margins for allowing Animations to watch the window size and adjust the rootMargin (the point where the animation is activated) depending on screensize. This means it will take less scrolling for mobile users to activate animations (and therefore slightly more for desktop users).
    • New .j-article class for modifying the style of children elements to better match that of a traditional article. It accepts some global classes like sizing (.sm, .md, ...) which modifies the font size of all children. It also accepts a .contain class to set the max-width to 35rem, for better readability.
    • Various additions to Vivus
  • modified:
    • JavaScript functions that are not exported from the file are now prefixed with an underscore, so you know which functions are worth using (from the perspective of Extensions).
    • Themes feature was moved to separate folder (JS)
    • Modals are now colored a slightly lighter gray on dark mode for better readability.
    • Various small improvements to Accordion style
    • Moved border, blur, and box shadow files to new box_styles/ folder.
  • patched:
    • Fixed an issue where dropdowns without vertical padding would allow their children to overflow.
  • removed:
    • Removed border from Modal buttons for a cleaner appearance
    • Completely removed built-in animation classes. Component animations are still here, of course. You just can't use scale-in-md, for example, anymore. Use the Vivus extension instead.
    • Removed app_configuration for uselessness and problems.

Version 3.9.0:

  • added:
  • modified:
    • Components now have individual border radius variables that, by default, use the existing --border-radius variable. This, of course, allows you to modify the radius on a per-component basis.
    • utility.make_id() now defaults to 5 characters instead of 10

Version 3.8.0:

  • added:
    • JavaScript functionality for selectable Tile components!
    • Selectable tiles can now show a checkmark when they are selected.
    • If you put the .j-tile elements in a container with a class .j-tiles, it will force only one tile to be selected at a time.
    • Checkmark icon (of course, from Heroicons)
    • Add the is-noticeable class to .j-tiles if you want it to be more apparent that you can select a tile.
    • And some more classes for Tiles. View the _j_tile.scss and _check.scss files for more info.
  • modified:
    • Extraced Tile component into a separate folder.

Version 3.7.0:

  • added:
    • Tile component!

Version 3.6.3:

  • modified:
    • tabs component is now separated into multiple files in a folder of the same name.
    • Tab links and buttons no longer change scale during :active

Version 3.6.2:

  • modified:
    • The accordion component was extracted into several smaller files.
    • General codebase updates; primarily to the README
    • Updated _normalize.scss for accuracy
    • Consistency improvements to this document.

Version 3.6.1:

  • added:
    • Text decoration classes (see bottom of typography/_styles.scss)
    • New attribute data-motion for body which will reduce built-in component animations (like buttons on hover or modals when opened). Note that this does not disable traditional data-animate animations.
  • modified:
    • Moved typography to separate folder

Version 3.6.0:

  • added:
    • safe_link function to utility_functions
    • New .with-indicator class for .j-dropdown-menu to add a nice arrow to the top.
    • New .no-shadow class for .j-input
    • New .cover class for .j-modal-inner
    • Full set of orange colors
  • modified:
    • More complicated CSS components have been split up into separate files inside a folder of the same component name.
    • Consistency updates to components' border-radius. This means you can modify the --border-radius variable
    • Slightly reduced padding on .j-button
    • Reformatted index.html
  • patched:
    • Fixed an issue where the JS code to handle dropdowns would try to reference .j-dropdown ul instead of .j-dropdown-menu
  • removed:
    • interactive/animation/states/ for redundancy and uselessness
    • assets/images for redundancy and uselessness
    • The color indigo was removed due to inconsistencies between other colors.
    • The sim-container-[l, r] classes
  • among other minor improvments.

Version 3.5.0:

  • added:
    • Vivus extension for animations (default Jupiter animations will be slowly phased out)
    • JavaScript files now have explainer comments at the top. (SCSS files are explanatory enough, so those remain unchanged)
  • modified:
    • Dropdown styling. There is now a 0.25rem padding on the top and bottom of the menu, with some additional modifications to the link text. This padding is accounted for on .icon-only configurations.
  • removed:
    • shell/ components.
    • Hover dropdown is no longer supported. Use .dynamic-view if you need to make one.

Version 3.4.0:

  • added:
    • New .clarify class for .j-card to add a border on dark mode
  • patched:
    • Fixed issue where grid-span-[orientation]... classes would only work on span across columns
  • modified:
    • Moved *.html files to examples/ folder
    • Changed yarn s command to yarn css and yarn j to yarn js

Version 3.3.0:

  • added:
    • New .g-accent-[weight_1]-[weight_2] classes. (see _gradients.scss)
    • Sizing, Flex classes now accept wide breakpoint at 1440px
    • Project and files, for better clarification
    • New default border-white class
  • modified:
    • Updated hero section
    • Increased gutter-lg and gutter-xl by an addition of 2% and 1% respectively
  • removed:
    • Removed top margin from underline link

Version 3.2.2:

  • added:
    • .shallow-link for giving regular elements the behavior of a link
    • New .dynamic-view (same as .panel) element for hiding and showing panels with the aria-expanded directive
    • .j-tag now accepts the .sm modifier class
    • New _accessibility.scss file which will be expanded upon in upcoming releases
    • Support for next-themes via the html[data-theme=""] directive
    • More letter spacing and font size classes
    • Added support for grid rows
    • Default <section> elements are no longer affected by the _modular.scss code. Use .section explicitly instead
    • New .dark-invert class for swapping colors on dark mode.
    • New .no-shadow class for removing box shadows
    • New .dark-text-[color]-[weight] classes
    • New .text-hover-[color]-[weight] classes
    • dropdown_mouse_leave_closes_menu config option.
  • modifed:
    • <code> elements are now dark and more visible
    • Corrected min-height class values

Version 3.2.1:

  • added:
    • 3 new gradients: g-tempting-azure, g-new-life, g-happy-fisher
    • New bg-transparent class
  • modified:
    • --ui-... default CSS variables no longer obey prefers-color-scheme
    • moved sizing to a separate layout/sizing folder

Version 3.2.0:

  • added:
    • .ghost-button
    • Even lighter text-color-006 UI variable
    • .sim-container=[l, r] class. This simulates a container by adding margin to the left that amounts to the distance the container is from the viewport.
  • modified:
    • .j-input now use sizes ([sm, md, lg, ...])
    • .j-input now accepts bg-green-01 as well as bg-red-01 to modify state styles.
    • Opened up UI colors to be accessible all the time. Example: dark-text-color-012
    • Added wide breakpoint at 1440px for Grid layouts. This may be coming to other layouts as well.

Version 3.1.0:

  • added:
    • surface-disabled class
    • invert class
    • Added a few more sizing values
    • .j-button can now support nested loaders.
  • modified:
    • Links are now selectable
    • Spacing with modal subtitle was improved
    • Attempted to handle loader 404 error on some frameworks (WIP)

Version 3.0.1:

  • patched:
    • localStorage calls are now wrapped in try {} catch {} to prevent issues when using embedded content.

Version 3.0.0:

  • added:
    • Cards! (See cards.html)
    • Cards, section, features examples
    • More spacing REM options
    • Gradients! (all sourced from: Web gradients)
    • Much better shadows!
    • Added .underline and .cover variation classes for .j-link
    • Added warn_on_leave and set_leave_callback functions to utility_functions.js. See that file for more info
  • modified:
    • Improved color logic
    • The default theme (in CSS) is now what the user's browser has set to "preferred"
    • Most components now use REM exclusively.
  • removed:
    • All pixel-related spacing classes (margin and padding) were removed. Use REM instead.
    • Most !important additives were removed to conserve bundle size.
    • "Inter" font was removed to prevent issues and reduce bloat

Version 2.0.0:

  • added:
    • Examples!
    • Toggle form component was introduced.
    • Added anchor_options and animation_options to jupiter_config
    • Added enable_logs to jupiter_config
    • Added utility function log() to check the above config value.
    • Added color buttons
    • Added transition timing function and duration classes
    • Modal objects now accept hyperfocus mode
  • modified:
    • Replaced default colors with a much more complete spectrum. Likewise, the color classes have been modified therein. These are from the Carbon Design System.
    • Background colors were replaced with a more consistent set.
    • Animation motion timing functions have been replaced with two types, productive and expressive. These are from the Carbon Design System.
    • Component easing now follows the new motion timing funtions.
    • Spacing sizes were reduced considerably; REM spacing was improved
    • JavaScript files were improved for consistency and maintainability
  • removed:
    • Most border styles were removed. They will be added soon.
    • Redundancy in $colors was reduced.
  • (among many others not significant enough to include here...)