A collection of some bash sripts I wrot or collected for personal usage.
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ph-merger: Pi-Hole blacklist merger

This script merges existing pi-hole blocklist files into one file with only uniq domains left.


Use the script by executing:

ph-merger blocklist-files-list.txt blocklist-files-merged.txt whitelist.txt

  • blocklist-files-list.txt has to be replaced with a file which has to contain the URLs to the host files you want to merge into one file. One URL per line.
  • blocklist-files-merged.txt is the file where all the hosts are merged to. You can use whatever name you want.
  • whitelist.txt is the name of the file which contain the sed-scripts for whitelisted domains that will be removed from the blocklist

That's it! As result you will get one host file, with only domains and no duplicates in it.