A collection of some bash sripts I wrot or collected for personal usage.
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ph-converter: Converts any blocklist into a Pi-Hole compatible format

This script can take any blocklist, like the ones used from uBlock origin or AdBlock Plus, and convert it to a Pi-Hole Blocklist. That means in the end you will get a file with only domains left.

Important: Currently I suspect that more is removed from the file than it should. So keep in mind that there may be less domains on the block list than you expect.


Use the script by executing:

ph-converter blocklist-you-want-to-convert.txt blocklist-output-file.txt

  • blocklist-you-want-to-convert.txt has to be replaced with the blocklist file that you want to convert.
  • blocklist-output-file.txt is the Pi-Hole compatible blocklist file that will be created. You can use whatever name you want.