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MIT LICENSE Built with nix

JesusMtnez's dotfiles!


This dotfiles are manage using nix and home-manager. The steps to do a complete setup are:

  1. Clone the repository and go inside the folder
nix run --extra-experimental-features nix-command --extra-experimental-features flakes github:nixos/nixpkgs#git -- clone git@github.com:JesusMtnez/dotfiles $HOME/.dotfiles
  1. Build and switch the host machine.

If it is a NixOS host:

nixos-rebuild switch --use-remote-sudo --flakes $HOME/.dotfiles/.

If it is a MacOSX host:

# Use bootstrap flake to setup nix-darwin in you system first
nix build .#darwinConfigurations.bootstrap.system --extra-experimental-features nix-command --extra-experimental-features flakes
./result/sw/bin/darwin-rebuild switch --flake $HOME/.dotfiles/.#bootstrap

# Using nix-darwin, build and switch to your configuration
darwin-rebuild switch --flake  $HOME/.dotfiles/.


  • sirius: Work machine, based on OSX.

      darwin-rebuild switch --flake .#sirius
  • albus: Personal machine, based on NixOS.

      nixos-rebuild switch --use-remote-sudo --flake .#albus
  • padfoot: Virtual Machine inside sirius host, based on NixOS with aarch64-linux architecture.

      nixos-rebuild switch --use-remote-sudo --flake .#padfoot


gnome-keyring integration in XFCE

In Settings Manager / Session and Startup / Advanced check Launch GNOME services at startup