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JWM Kit is a set of software tools designed to simplify usage of JWM (Joe's Window Manager)

JWM Kit's goal is to provide JWM with the usability of more feature filled desktop environments while maintaining it's lightweight and customizable appeal.

IMPORTANT : New install of JWM Kit must use the JWM Kit First Run tool to configure JWM and JWM Kit

JWM Kit First Run

Compliant JWM configuration
Permission settings

JWM Kit Appearances


Preview and select themes
Import themes
Theme syntax
Filenames syntax
Using your own preview images

Button Sets

Turn buttons sets on/off
Preview and select button sets
Import Button sets
Recolor a button set
Filenames syntax

JWM Kit Menus

Window layout
RootMenu properties
Edit an item
Add a menu item
Remove a menu item
Move or Copy a menu item
Create, Import, Restore or Remove Menus
JWM Easy Menu

JWM Kit Trays

Window layout
Edit an item
Add a tray item
Remove a tray item
Move a tray item
Create, Import, Restore or Remove trays

JWM Kit Repair & Restore

Window layout
Restore points
Repair JWM Kit's Settings file

JWM Kit Freedesktop

About desktop entry files (launchers)
Writing home
Window layout
Create a launcher
Delete a launcher
Test a launcher
Edit a launcher

JWM Kit Groups

Window layout
Create a group
Delete a group
Delete an option

JWM Kit Wallpaper

JWM Kit Icon

Window layout
Add an icon path
Remove an icon path
Edit an icon path
View the icons in a path
Change the priorities of the icon paths

JWM Kit Keys

Window layout

JWM Kit Logout

Configuration and permission

JWM Kit Settings

JWM Kit Startups

JWM Kit Time

Configuration and permission

JWM Kit Calendar


Support Files

Button Sets

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