A repository containing all of my university notes and tutorials.
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Uni Stuff

Hello! This is the repository where I am storing all of my university related things, so you can find my lecture notes and tutorial answers here. Hopefully this resource will help you in your university journey!

How the repository is organised

This repository is first split into folders for each year and semester, with year 1 semester 1 being in the y1s1 folder and so on. Inside those folders are more folders for each of the modules that I am taking for the semester, with the course code as well as the course name in the name of the folder. Inside those folders you will find the topics for those modules. Finally, inside those folders, you will find my notes and tutorials.

What is the difference between a cheat-sheet and notes?

A cheat sheet is basically just a compilation of all the things I find important inside the lecture slides for a topic. So things like definitions and important formulas will be included in the cheat sheet, as well as a few explanations and examples that I find important for my understanding of something. Notes are far more comprehensive as they include everything that is in the lecture slides for a topic, which means all the examples and explanations are included, and you can use the notes to study instead of watching the lecture or reading the lecture slides. You can't really do that with a cheat sheet since it only contains a few explanations and examples.

After the notes for maths module 1B is uploaded, I will no longer be doing notes as it takes far too much time. Instead, I will be doing cheat sheets for all topics after maths module 1B.

There are 3 different files with the same name, which file should I be viewing?

You should be viewing the PDF file.

There are usually three files with three different file extensions, one with the .org file extension, another with the .tex file extension, and one with the .pdf file extension. The .org file is the raw org mode document that I write to create the PDF file, which contains a lot of LaTeX fragments. The .tex file is an intermediate file, which is generated by the org mode exporter when I export to LaTeX. This .tex file is then processed by the org mode exporter to generate a PDF file, which is the final result that you want to view.


If you find any errors inside my notes or tutorials, feel free to open an issue or submit a pull request to fix the error. Alternatively, you can contact me on Telegram using my Telegram handle @hankertrix.