A tool to allow users of the Behringer Xtouch to remap and assign controls arbitrarily.
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👀 This is no longer a stand-alone project but is part of Locus 👀

See the Locus project - this will no longer be updated seperately

A tool to allow users of the Behringer Xtouch to remap and assign controls.

This is for the XTouch control surface made by Behringer. This supports the Xtouch in Mackie mode over MIDI or USB-MIDI. This system may work with other control surfaces that use the Mackie protocol.

The XTouch protocol is a bit quirky so some functions can only be accessed via MIDI (not USB-MIDI).

These scripts are being written on a GNU/Linux based system, some functions may
not work as expected on other operating systems.

(Planned) Functions

  • Special SYSEX message constantly sent/checked to keep MIDI link alive
  • Reads and filters valid inputs from the device
  • Valid inputs are checked against a mapping file
    • Any matching inputs then trigger the appropriate action in a target application
    • Any feedback actions are triggered (LED states etc) according to the mapping file
  • Snapshots (see below) can be made of the board state to allow channel/bank switching or "modes"

Snapshots: The message processor maintains a data structure with the current state of the XTouch LEDs, displays, faders, encoders and button LEDs. This allows paging of the controls and indicators.