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v 13 "Friedrich Hecker"

  • switched to Google rounded Material You Icons
  • fix: improvements in backup/restore
  • fix: improvements in custom redirects
  • fix: layout improvements
  • fix: open in normal tab
  • fix: lint issues
  • fix: theme issues #1105
  • fix: WIKI-links
  • fix: cleanup strings
  • fix: updated translations
  • fix: backup on exit
  • fix: crashes related to cookie manager #1118 #1111 #1115
  • fix: tabs gets multiplied #1117
  • new: icons in overview menus
  • new: fast search on websites (long press search icon in toolbar)
  • new: AdBlock -> add custom domains

v 12 "Gandhi"

  • fix: Open Downloads after download complete
  • fix: Custom search engine UI/UX #1113
  • fix: Cannot import custom Bookmarks #1109
  • fix: open links in background
  • fix: notification permissions
  • fix: infinite loop verification on #1100
  • new: backup on exit (optional)
  • new: fast search on websites (long press search icon in toolbar)

v 11 "Bertha von Suttner"

  • new: third party cookies control
  • new: stop-loading on progress indicator click
  • fix: Writing to clipboard from JavaScript doesn't work #853
  • fix: recreation of activity on ui-mode change
  • fix: translate text from context menu with deepL
  • fix: crash on start (A14)
  • updated: translation
  • updated: layout
  • updated: build libraries

v 10.0 "Clara Zetkin"

  • moved repo from Github zu Codeberg
  • moved from crowdin to weblate
  • fix: cookie/profile settings lost on tab change #1095
  • fix: profile settings lost, when going back in history
  • fix: Not really a bug... #1075
  • fix: Menu Dialog tweaks #1086
  • fix: error warnings #1092 and #1082
  • fix: removed "open link with" from menus, since it does the same like sharing #1089
  • fix: HTTPS or HTTP dialog only asked one time per session #1083
  • fix: Gestures: added gestures for "Open Settings" and "Quit app" #1087
  • fix: Custom Redirects to sites that don't start with "www." #1097
  • fix: lint issues
  • new: translate text from context menu with deepL
  • updated translations

v 9.11 "Traven"

  • new: context menu in tab overview
  • new: icons in menus
  • new: delete entries from search
  • new: http-warning before loading
  • fix: layout in menus
  • fix: menus
  • fix: onReceivedHttpAuthRequest password showing #1069
  • fix: download names #1071

v 9.10 "Durruti"

  • new: Clipboard record preference thanks to @Bnyro
  • new: show url on link menus or when clicking menu title
  • new: show urls in lists
  • new: tab number in overview
  • fix: refactored settings
  • fix: layout issues on small devices #976
  • fix: Password field for protected sites shows entries #1039
  • fix: youtube redirects
  • fix: onReceivedError
  • fix: Settings refactor thanks to @Bnyro
  • fix: OLED theme issues #1052

v 9.6

  • removed: redirection for Instagram
  • fix: Redirect error from YouTube #991
  • fix: loading images fit screen width
  • fix: cookie manager, when going back in history
  • fix: buttons not reachable on some dialogs
  • fix: Auth-request dialog
  • fix: download dialog
  • fix: startsite is now the wiki #997
  • fix: crash when open downloads, while default file manager not installed
  • fix: issues with the file name when downloading thanks to @Bnyro
  • fix: kill the app on pressing quit thanks to @Bnyro
  • fix: theme settings
  • fix: suppress DRM notice #1019
  • fix: profile icons - red for attached profiles #999
  • fix: Youtube videos in full screen mode cropped #1015
  • fix: Twitter-to-Nitter redirector matches some unrelated urls #1022
  • fix: & not escaped in search URL #959
  • fix: lint issues
  • new: circular progress - press to stop loading
  • new: Swedish translation
  • new: material dialogs in the preferences thanks to @Bnyro
  • new: monochrome icon for Android 13+ thanks to @Bnyro
  • new: custom redirects thanks to @Bnyro
  • new: Custom error pages thanks to @Bnyro

v 9.5

  • fix: can't open URL from outside, if it was closed before
  • fix: Active button colors on OLED theme #1006
  • new: hebrew translation

v 9.4

  • new: "post on website" in sharing menu
  • new: Serbo-Croation translation
  • new: Support app split screen #937
  • fix: Restored functionality to proceed according to user selection #941
  • updated: translations
  • updated: build libraries
  • removed: swipe to reload -> use gestures instead

v 9.3.1

  • fix: Half screen after orientation change #919
  • fix: not all menu items accessible in landscape orientation
  • fix: Download dialog does not decode multibyte file name #917
  • fix: File name is not shown in the download prompt #916
  • fix: Browser crashes when switching embedded video to full screen #925
  • fix: Persistent swipe issues #924

v 9.2

  • fix: crash when sharing links #883
  • fix: no password field on webserver authentication #891
  • fix: some swiping issues #899 by Lakjdf
  • fix: support for intent scheme URLs again #898 by Lakjdf
  • fix: refactored code to make it much more readable #896 by T8RIN
  • fix: share link
  • fix: Home-screen links improvment #906
  • fix: no password field on authentication dialog #891
  • updated: layout and user experience
  • updated: settings for night view
  • updated: settings for gestures
  • updated: settings for editing profiles #909
  • updated translations: Now 21 languages are fully supported!

v 9.1

  • fix: removed unnecessary toasts in fastToggle
  • fix: Browser crash on search with "%" #861
  • fix: progressbar visible when searching
  • fix: UI of FastToggleDialog #872
  • fix: UI of edit/save as dialog #873
  • fix: https warning #863
  • fix: Images not displayed #881
  • new: gesture to copy link to clipboard #868
  • new: copy link to clipboard in context menu #878
  • new: switched license to APGL
  • new: redirect YouTube/Instagram/Twitter links
  • new: show number of tabs in overview

v 9.0

  • fix: popup menu in Overview
  • fix: searchbar not hiding in back pressing #852
  • fix: edit favorites layout not scrolling #854
  • fix: open external link shows Overview #858
  • updated: translations

v 8.9

  • fix: some webpages show half the screen #817
  • fix: Shortcut on the home screen #830
  • fix: crash on first start #829 #820
  • fix: Settings button does not open settings #823
  • fix: cannot connect to some webservices #818
  • fix: default user-agent is now received from installed webview
  • fix: long press actions on toolbar buttons #866
  • fix: https warning #863
  • fix: Images not displayed #881
  • updated: translations
  • new: moved tab-dialog in overview
  • new: permanent night mode (optional) #825
  • new: help buttons in most important UI-elements

v 8.8

  • new: Wiki integrated in settings and menus
  • new: notification when playing audio on background #800
  • new: gestures
  • fix: mailto and other intents not working
  • fix: button "reload " is hidden #803
  • fix: play audio in background #800

v 8.7

  • fix: dark theme in settings activities
  • fix: night mode (webView)
  • new: play audio on background
  • new: Quick toggle to keep screen on
  • new: gesture settings for long pressing
  • new: open links in background
  • new: swipe through menu
  • updated: F-Droid (screenshots, description)
  • updated: Privacy Policy
  • updated: translations (17 languages supported!)
  • improved: MaterialYou theme
  • improved: search in history, bookmarks, ...
  • improved: close open tabs dialog after making selection

v 8.6

  • skipped -

v 8.5.1

  • fix: camera issue #729
  • fix: profile icon in toolbar #728
  • fix: cookie settings when switching tab
  • fix: stay at night mode, when openeing bookmark
  • fix: close open tabs window after making selection #746
  • new: restart and reload tabs
  • new: Material You Design #726
  • new: OLED dark theme Feature #742
  • new: FOSS Browser in context menu of marked text #723
  • new: remember night mode per site #669
  • new: adding "copy link" button to download dialog #733
  • new: remember night mode, when opening new tabs
  • new: gesture: open start site
  • new: keep screen on
  • improved: set favicons (thanks to @woheller69)
  • updated: translations
  • updated: build libraries

v 8.4

  • new: camera use (thanks to @woheller69)
  • new: microphone use
  • new: webRTC support
  • new: DRM protected video playback (thanks to @woheller69)
  • new: support of encrypted backups (thanks to @woheller69)
  • new: profiles instead of whitelists
  • new: restore tabs on restart (optional)
  • new: restore tabs when killed by system (optional) (thanks to @woheller69)
  • fix: AutoComplete TextView (thanks to @woheller69)
  • updated: setting screens

v 8.3

  • fix: Swipe to reload not working sometimes #654
  • fix: Restoring bookmarks does not work properly #653
  • fix: some force closes #642 #643
  • fix: gestures and text-edit-scrolling collide #633
  • fix: Toolbar hides, but reappears if page is refreshed #660
  • fix: minor fixes and UIredirects webview
  • new: save dektopMode, Javascript, domStorage also for history items
  • removed: PlayStore support
  • updated: translations

v 8.2

  • fix: chip desktop, javascript, DOM should not be visible in settings when editing filter names (thanks to @woheller69)
  • fix: Sometimes Favicon is stored several times in database (thanks to @woheller69)
  • fix: permission problems
  • fix: download problems
  • new: edit startSite and history items
  • new: Privacy Enhancement #602 (thanks to @woheller69)
  • new: choose preferred theme
  • updated: Edit filter names (thanks to @woheller69)
  • updated: backup preference

v 8.1

  • new: edit bookmark-url (thanks to @woheller69)
  • new: Reload on swipeDown when at top of webpage (thanks to @woheller69)
  • new: Added GlobalPrivacyControl (thanks to @woheller69)
  • new: Remove device info from useragent, use prefixes like DuckDuckGo browser (thanks to @woheller69)
  • new: favicons in bookmarklist (thanks to @woheller69)
  • new: option to select blocked content
  • updated: do not track (thanks to @woheller69)
  • updated: translations
  • fix: sorting of tabs in overview
  • fix: DOM-storage description in settings
  • fix: apply settings on back/forward navigation
  • fix: Ad-Blocking also blocks "social" media
  • fix: open link externally

v 8.0

  • new: toggle mobile/desktop mode (thanks to @woheller69)
  • new: auto update of AdBlock-hosts (thanks to @woheller69)
  • new: save desktop mode/javascript/DOM content settings in bookmarks (thanks to @woheller69)
  • new: show colored bookmark icon when editing bookmark category (thanks to @woheller69)
  • new: Use settings stored in bookmark when a bookmark is found in search (thanks to @woheller69)
  • new: Show icon source of item (start page, bookmarks, history) in search (thanks to @woheller69)
  • new: save form data/use autofill service in settings
  • fix: correct icon colors when importing bookmarks (thanks to @woheller69)
  • fix: content hidden by toolbar
  • fix: opening new tabs on older Android versions
  • fix: Dark mode not applied to all tabs
  • fix: toolbar input handling

v 7.5

  • new: right to left layout support (thanks to @M3hdiRostami)
  • new: Farsi (Persian) language support (thanks to @M3hdiRostami)
  • updated: AdBlock
  • updated: AppIcon
  • fix: New bookmarks are not shown in red-filtered bookmark view
  • fix: Application crash when trying to watch video in full screen mode
  • fix: showing keyboard when leaving fullscreen mode
  • fix: interaction with url in address line
  • fix: tab handling
  • fix: toolbar input handling
  • even more fixes

v 7.4

  • removed: app shortcuts
  • fix: keyboard not showing on large input fields
  • fix: app crash when displaying overview on start
  • fix: app crash when showing some dialogs
  • fix: clearing data
  • fix: open fallback urls
  • fix: crashing on fullscreen on older Android versions

v 7.3

  • updated: translations (now 16 languages are supported!)
  • updated: build and theme libraries
  • updated: AdBlock-hosts
  • updated: Material Components
  • updated: settings activities
  • updated: tab handling
  • removed: multi-window support
  • removed: theme settings
  • new: support of: open target="_blank"
  • fix: Opting out of metrics collection
  • fix: export bookmarks
  • fix: tab handling
  • fix: apply javaScript, cookies and DOM content whitelists
  • fix: switching between system day/night mode
  • fix: dialogs in landscape
  • fix: alphabetical sorting of overview entries
  • fix: search in toolbar
  • fix: many other small fixes

v 7.2

  • fix: zooming on websites
  • fix: opening new tab when restarting
  • new: close search on site by back pressing

v 7.1

  • removed: ability to save password within bookmark
  • updated: AdBlock hosts
  • updated: translations
  • updated: bookmark management (sorry for removing password saving)
  • updated: overview, menus and dialogs
  • fix: search
  • new: hide overflow button
  • new: whitelist for DOM content
  • new: backup/restore bookmarks as html
  • many stability improvements -> removed ca. 5000 lines of unnecessary code!)

v 7.0

  • new: F-Droid description
  • updated: many translations (BIG THANKS TO ALL CROWDIN translators)
  • fix: leave video fullscreen with back key
  • fix: create windows inside webView

v 6.9

  • fix: custom search engine
  • new: Italian translation
  • new: custom user agent
  • new: removed storage permission for Android 10+
  • updated: some translations
  • updated: Android libraries

v 6.8

  • new: search in all overview entries
  • new: Blank target href open a new tab
  • new: removed device model and build number from user agent string
  • new: follow system theme
  • new: Amoled theme
  • new: moving to AndroidX libraries
  • new: favorite settings
  • updated: handling of ssl-errors
  • updated: adblock hosts
  • updated: themes
  • updated: Turkish translation
  • updated: Czech translation
  • updated: Brazilian translation
  • updated: Russian translation
  • updated: settings (especially filter settings)
  • updated: saving locations of backups and screenshots
  • removed: tinting of toolbar
  • removed: open links in background

v 6.7

  • new: backup and restore settings
  • fix: saving on startsite
  • fix: toolbar not showing title
  • fix: making backups

v 6.6

  • fix: storage permission problems
  • fix: location permission problems
  • fix: lint issues
  • fix: sort startsite by time
  • fix: favorite site not loading on start
  • fix: inputs not loading
  • new: add to startsite from link context menu

v 6.5

  • new: more font sizes (thanks @pbui)
  • new: ECOSIA search engine
  • new: open dialogs always expanded
  • fix: exclude notifications from recent apps
  • fix: some popup dialogs not opening
  • fix: hide nav button

v 6.4

  • new: FAQ site (thanks @HarryHeights)
  • new: long click on tab preview to close
  • new: add shortcuts to home screen (long press overview entry)
  • new: dynamic shortcuts: two last opened websites
  • updated: help dialog
  • updated: Portuguese translation (thanks @smarquespt)
  • updated: French translation (thanks @franco27)
  • updated: adblock domain list
  • improved: Overview
  • improved: rendering speed
  • fix: file upload
  • fix: input box not showing on some devices
  • fix: hide navigation bar in fullscreen mode
  • fix: can't go back in history in some cases

v 6.3

  • new: Add Cookies support for download function
  • new: option to enable Save-Data header (thanks @SkewedZeppelin)
  • new: set blank start site
  • new: fast scroll on long lists
  • new: show/hide tab preview
  • new: animations when showing/hiding views
  • new: Qwant search engine (thanks @Tobiplayer3)
  • new: option to open new tab instead of exiting app
  • new: Ukrainian translation (thanks @Roman Babiy)
  • new: Turkish translation (thanks @ali-demirtas)
  • fix: UI and minor issues
  • updated: long press menu on websites
  • updated: Help dialog
  • updated: Polish translation (thanks @gh-pmjm)
  • updated: Dutch translation (thanks @Vistaus)
  • updated: Taiwan Trad. Chinese translation (thanks @elmru)
  • updated: Portuguese translation (thanks @smarquespt)
  • updated: Overview dialog
  • updated: FastToggle dialog

v 6.2

  • new: advanced gesture settings
  • new: show overview on start
  • fix: light settings theme

v 6.1

  • new: overview instead of startPage
  • new: order and filter bookmarks
  • new: edit url of bookmark
  • new: open favorite website on start
  • new: Code of conduct site (thanks @HarryHeights)
  • new: Privacy declaration (thanks @HarryHeights)
  • updated: adBlock hosts list
  • updated: help dialog
  • updated: French translation (thanks @Hellohat)
  • updated: Portuguese translation (thanks @smarquespt)
  • removed: loginData (use bookmarks instead)
  • fix: upload files
  • fix: not clearing indexed databases on exit
  • many more fixes and improvements

v 6.0

  • updated: adBlock hosts list
  • updated: Polish translation (thanks @gh-pmjm)
  • fix: problems with characters like ä, ü, ö
  • new: Taiwan Trad. Chinese translation (thanks @elmru)
  • new: Italian translation (thanks @EnricoMonese)
  • new: Portuguese translation (thanks @Sérgio Marques)
  • many more fixes and improvements (thanks @BO41)

v 5.9

  • updated: Chinese translation (thanks @YC L)
  • updated: Russian translation (thanks @Vladimir Kosolapov)
  • new: Polish translation (thanks @gh-pmjm)
  • new: Dutch translation (thanks @gHeimen Stoffels)
  • new: adaptive icon

v 5.8

  • new: "do not track" header
  • new: + button in tab preview
  • new: save websites as PDF
  • new: show link in context menu
  • fix: not applying cookie whitelist when switching tabs
  • fix: scrolling issue
  • fix: screen rotation issues
  • updated: UI + dialogs
  • updated: Spanish translation (thanks to @Herman Nuñez)
  • updated: Chinese translation (thanks to @smallg0at)

v 5.7

  • new: delete indexed databases and local web storage
  • new: Spanish translation (thanks to Herman Nunez)
  • new: confirmation dialog before making backup
  • new: delete separate lists (Startpage, history, ...)
  • new: show unsecured connections and try reloading secure
  • new: search engines (Startpage DE, Searx)
  • new: notification when download or screenshot complete
  • new: block DOM content
  • improved Chinese translation (thanks: lishoujun)
  • removed: Snackbar (replaced with toasts)
  • removed: request desktop site
  • removed: build in file manager
  • fix: some strings (thanks: gr1sh)
  • fix: some urls opening search results

v 5.6

  • new: increase font size
  • new: close all websites from notification
  • new: desktop mode in "Fast toggle dialog"
  • improved: link sharing
  • improved: light theme
  • improved: UI
  • fix: some force closes

v 5.5

  • new: option to disable confirmation dialogs on exit (thanks: element54)
  • improved: light theme
  • improved: startpage
  • fix: dark background on some websites
  • fix: ok button on "Fast toggle dialog"
  • fix: toolbar not showing title
  • fix: back handling

v 5.4

  • new: new app name "F|L|OSS Browser"
  • new: dark and light theme
  • new: startpage with all contents
  • new: full support for cookie whitelist
  • new: more options for fullscreen browsing
  • new: more options visibility Navigation Button
  • new: night mode only while browsing
  • updated: help dialog
  • removed: different light themes
  • fix: double entries in history
  • fix: toolbar does not work on start
  • fix: keyboard issues in some cases (thanks: element54)

v 5.3.1

  • new: initial support for cookie whitelist (fast toggle)

v 5.3

  • improved: tab opening/removing
  • improved: back handling
  • improved: enter/exit fullscreen
  • other improvements and bug fixes

v 5.2

  • new: decide which tab to open on start
  • new: backup complete data and settings
  • new: double tap "Navigation Button" to hide
  • new: option to disable history (settings and fast toggle)
  • new: option to hide/show "Navigation Button"
  • new: change position of "Navigation Button"
  • new: moved menus in bottom dialog
  • new: Baidu as default search engine for Chinese users
  • new: Indonesian translation (thanks: Secangkir Kopi)
  • changed: backups on root of sd-card
  • updated: Help dialog (ENG, DE)
  • improved: applying settings from fast toggle dialog
  • improved: Chinese translation (thanks: lishoujun)

v 5.1

  • new: Chinese translation (thanks: lishoujun)
  • new: close current tab in menu
  • new: share text to browser
  • improved: hide/show toolbar
  • fix: night mode (now in UI settings)
  • fix: force close when clicking direct download link
  • fix: screenshot, when started via holder service
  • fix: some strings
  • fix: possible force close on Android > Nougat

v 5.0

With this update "Ninja Browser" is used as base for "Browser". The concept remains the old: simple but powerful with a nice looking user interface. Main advantage of this step are a better implementation of tabs. Now you can open as many tabs as you wish. Also you have a new startpage. Please read the new "Help dialog" for more information.

  • full oreo support

v 4.5

  • new: Chinese translation (Thanks: Jumping Yang)
  • new: keyboard go button actions
  • new: settings icon in toolbar (click for toggle/long click for main settings)
  • new: possibility to temporally hide navigation arrows
  • new: auto fill (authentication dialog)
  • improved: tab behavior
  • fix: load default settings on start
  • fix: force close when sharing screenshot
  • fix: not showing website title

v 4.4

  • fix: save screenshot
  • fix: saving entries containing an apostrophe
  • fix: option to restart app to apply swipe gesture
  • new: http basic authentication
  • improved: behavior of tab preview/behavior

v 4.3

  • fix: title of setting subpages
  • fix: crash when selected list at startup
  • new: swipe to switch tabs optional (settings/popup settings)

v 4.2

  • removed: backup/restore of passStorage
  • fix: hiding keyboard after searching in lists
  • fix: history - scroll to latest entry
  • improved: code and UI
  • new: swipe to switch tabs
  • new: settings on different subpages
  • new: auto orientation (sensor/device)
  • new: offer restart to apply some settings
  • new: theme support

v 4.1

  • removed: offline support (use screenshot for saving)
  • removed: unnecessary permissions
  • fix: reset menu after editing file name
  • fix: overwriting of files while renaming
  • fix: several code improvements
  • fix: delete passStorage
  • improved: layout close button
  • improved: bundled Notifications
  • new: Google encrypted search (override AMP-links)
  • new: advanced backup/restore data

v 4.0

  • removed: donation link on Github
  • removed: video thumbnail
  • improved: file manager (icons, image preview)
  • new: scroll to end of website arrow

v 3.9

  • removed: notification actions (to buggy)
  • removed: direct opening a donation website<br>
  • fix: notification behavior (open multiple links)
  • fix: force close on toolbar click
  • fix: website partially not visible
  • improved: refresh website (long click "history icon")
  • improved: help dialog (menu -> more -> Help)
  • new: switched to Picasso library to load images
  • new: homepage setup (bookmark list)
  • new: open links directly (optional)
  • new: moved from activities to fragments
  • new: bookmarks, readLater, history as startpage (settings)

v 3.8

  • removed: swipe to refresh
  • fix: some random force closes
  • fix: notifications on Lollipop/Marshmallow devices
  • fix: do not scroll to list end after editing entry
  • improved: taking screenshots
  • improved: long click menu in lists
  • new: menu -> reload website
  • new: Russian translation
  • new: show current url when starting editing mode in toolbar
  • new: close tabs from tab preview
  • new: set empty page as favorite

v 3.7

  • new: changelog after update
  • new: long click on toolbar opens tab overview
  • new: click on toolbar opens search/enter URL
  • fix: toolbar swipe (lists)
  • fix: hide navigation buttons
  • fix: contributor title
  • fix: always loading homepage when closing settings
  • fix: cancel search on site
  • improved: cookie settings
  • improved: open links in new tab

v 3.6

  • new: always hide statusbar on fullscreen videos
  • new: five tabs (@CGSLURP LLC)
  • new: toolbar and button animations
  • new: toolbar gestures in lists
  • new: save link destination
  • fix: download pictures
  • fix: startpage on javascript whitelist
  • improved: portrait layout
  • improved: Adblock integration
  • improved: Desktop site request
  • improved: sorting of lists
  • improved: code simplified
  • improved: UI (colors, strings, layouts)
  • updated: help dialog, introscreen

v 3.5

  • fix: keyboard issue
  • new: request desktop site (@CGSLURP LLC)
  • new: adblocker (@CGSLURP LLC)

v 3.4

  • improved: sorting of list entries
  • fix: keyboard not open (landscape)

v 3.3

  • removed: swipe to navigate
  • improved:opening urls
  • fixed: pin screen not showing

v 3.1 - v 3.2

  • fix: possible crash an Android < Lollipop when opening settings
  • fix: search from toolbar
  • fix: crash when website title contains apostrophe

v 3.0

  • fix: F-Droid build error
  • lint: disable missing translation
  • updated: support libraries

v 2.8 - 2.9

  • new: video thumbnails
  • fix: open links from readLater list (opened from notifications)
  • fix: error message on start

v 2.7

  • fix: directory up icon
  • fix: saving all entries lowercase

v 2.4 - 2.6

  • new: new file manager
  • new: sub menus
  • removed: toolbar long click
  • improved: toolbar in lists
  • improved: removed unnecessary code
  • fix: sort readLater by date
  • fix: sort by title (needs uppercase on first letter in the entries)
  • fix: double entries in history
  • fix: app icon color
  • fix: open shortcuts
  • fix: open links from notification
  • fix: delete data on exit

v 2.3

  • new: search in lists
  • new: no duplicate bookmarks
  • improved: UI (lists, colors, buttons)
  • improved: database model

v 2.2

  • new: about screen
  • new: intro screen
  • fixed: save website (passStorage): set title
  • fixed: notification not dismissed

v 2.1

  • new: bundled notifications

v 2.0

  • improved: encryption of passStore databases
  • fixed: F-Droid build error

v 1.9

  • new: encryption of passStore databases

v 1.8.1

  • fixed: f-droid build failure

v 1.8

  • improved: pin screen layout
  • improved: sort dialog behavior
  • improved: wsitched to xml icons
  • removed: bookmark screen
  • new: second tab
  • new: set bookmark as start site (long click)
  • new: cancel button on some dialogs
  • new: cancel dialog when clearing whitelist
  • fixed: force close (links without "/")

v 1.7:

  • fixed: F-Droid build error

v 1.6:

  • fixed: some strings
  • improved: backup and restore databases

v 1.0+ (first public release):

  • improved: readLater notification (v1.1)
  • improved: search results in German
  • improved: settings screen
  • improved: license dialog
  • improved: minor ui/code tweaks
  • new: websearch (from shared text)
  • new: donate (settings)
  • new: changelog (settings) (v1.4)
  • new: sort lists by title and date (v1.5)
  • fixed: navigation settings (v1.2)
  • fixed: screenshot (v1.3)