A simple Android webbrowser based on webview.
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Settings Backup


  • README Some short informations about FOSS Browser. Just an overview.
  • WIKI All basic settings and UI-elemts are explained here.
  • FAQs Yeah, the frequently asked questions!
  • Releases Here you can download the latest source code and installable apk-files.
  • Changelog It's like a history book. See what changed about the time.
  • ISSUES You have proplems or issues? This is the right place to tell. Please don't post feature requests, since this is a one-man-show and I don't have much time.
  • Privacy In short: FOSS Browser doesn't collect any data.
  • License In short: GNU Affero General Public License. You have all of the four freedoms of free software: use, study, share and improve.
  • Code of conduct Read how we talk with each other. Some very basic rules, if you want to be part of this community.
  • Contributing There are may options to help, even if you are not a developer: reporting issues, translating, ... Here YOU can help.
  • Help translating FOSS Browser is translated in over 20 languages. Help to spread FOSS Brwoser over the world! You can also request a new language.


FOSS Browser uses the latest Material You design libraries. Following system day/night mode and a wallpaper based theme are just two features of this new library. The UI is optimized for one-hand-use. All UI-elements are at the bottom of the screen.

More features:

  • Keep screen on.
  • Open links in background.
  • Restore tabs on restart.


FOSS Browser uses profiles to protect your privacy. For each profile you can enable or disable: AdBlock, JavaScript, cookies, fingerprint protection and much more. Profiles can also be saved for domains ("github.com" ⇒ Trusted website). These saved domains always overwrite the currently used profile. So, for example, "github.com" will always open with the trusted profile, even if you are browsing in the protected mode.

More privacy features:

  • Built-in AdBlock, which updates automatically. You can decide which content to block. AdBlock hosts are taken from Steven Black - AdBlock hosts.
  • Third-party cookies can not be enabled.
  • Enable or disable Android-autofill.
  • Delete browser data (on app exit).
  • Choose between different search engines (or set a custom one).
  • FOSS Browser itself doesn't collect any data: Privacy policy

Bookmarks filter

Organize your bookmarks with filters. You can set custom names for each filter. Long press the bookmark icon in the toolbar to get fast access to your favorite bookmarks.


You can assign nearly twenty different gestures to the toolbar and the toolbar buttons. Each in four directions. You can also trigger events by long pressing the toolbar buttons. So you have up to ten different gestures to control FOSS Browser. Supported is for example: load last website, switch tab, reload, open bookmarks, ... and many more.


Backup all your important data (bookmarks, history, trusted websites and so on) on your SD-card. You can also back up FOSS Browser settings. Backups can even be restored on a fresh install or another device (if you copy the backup files to the new device).

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