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<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">
<meta charset="UTF-8">
<meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=edge">
<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0">
color: #fff;
.loader {
border: 8px solid #f3f3f3; /* Light grey */
border-top: 8px solid #3498db; /* Blue */
border-radius: 50%;
width: 2rem;
height: 2rem;
animation: spin 1.5s linear infinite;
@keyframes spin {
0% { transform: rotate(0deg); }
100% { transform: rotate(360deg); }
function getDucos(){
document.getElementById("getDucosButton").disabled = true;
var ducoUsername = document.getElementById("ducoUsername").value;
document.getElementById("spinner").innerHTML = '<div class="loader"></div>';
var responseCode;
fetch('/giveMeDucos?ducoUsername='+ducoUsername, {
method: 'POST'
.then(function(response) {
if((response.status == 500) || (response.status == 502)){
alert("There was a server error, please try again");
} else if(response.status == 409){
responseCode = response.status
// alert("You already claimed DUCO's in this hour!");
} else if(response.status == 200){
responseCode = response.status
return response.json()
}).then(function(object) {
if(responseCode == 200){
document.getElementById("spinner").innerHTML = '<p>'+object.ducoSended+'ᕲ was sended to '+ducoUsername+'. Enjoy it!</p>';
} else if(responseCode == 409) {
document.getElementById("spinner").innerHTML = "<p>Looks like you've already taken DUCO, try again in hour. During this time, you can look at this frog</p><img src=''>";
document.getElementById("getDucosButton").disabled = false;
<h1>DUCO Faucet</h1>
<h4>Estimated amount that gonna be sent to your account will be showed after giving your username</h4>
<label for="firstname">Your duco username:</label>
<input type="text" id="ducoUsername" name="ducoUsername" placeholder="your duinocoin wallet username">
<button type="button" id="getDucosButton" onclick="getDucos()">Get DUCO's</button>
<div id="spinner"></div>
<h1>🐳 ADplace</h1>
<p>If u mind to place your ad here DM me</p>
discord ['%'#5584] or email []<br>
Also if u want to support faucet/server <br>
XMR: 42Q6S9RUxHy7NyfQB6uwmwbXK1Yvd3FzFCGz57a8Mh6J3xtLQNPvhPoKdVnKss8e61aj82Xy8Bejr9bb8iUHGiKh7hbJW4n<br>
DUCO: Faucet_Furimos69<br>