SVG charts for Kirby v3
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A Kirby v3 plugin for creating SVG charts - batteries included.


kirby3-charts is a Kirby v3 wrapper for SVGGraph, as such there are (almost) no limits to what kind of chart may be created.


Install this package with Composer:

composer require fundevogel/kirby3-charts


In order to generate a chart, we need some data first. The page method toChart() accepts an array of data points as first argument - basically two or more arrays, each of which consists of color (string) and share (float):

$data = [
    ['title' => 'HTML', 'color' => '#4F5D95', 'share' => 0.6],
    ['title' => 'CSS', 'color' => '#2b7489', 'share' => 0.4],


There's also a field method toChart() suitable for structure fields. The included example blueprint fields/chart is a good starting point & looks basically like this:

type: structure
    label: Title
    type: text

    label: share
    type: number
    step: .01

    label: Color
    type: text

Both methods take another two arrays for further customization:

# SVG settings
$settings = [
    'width' => 100,
    'height' => 100,
    'type' => 'DonutGraph',
    'inline' => false,

# Options depend on the type of chart (in this example 'DonutGraph'),
# see
$options = [
    'inner_radius' => 2,
    'stroke_width' => 0.5,
    'show_labels' => true,

    # .. etc

# Page method
$page->toChart($data, $settings, $options);

# Field method
$page->chartData()->toChart($settings, $options);

Note: Both methods return a file object of the newly created SVG chart (unless inline is activated) for further use.


You may also change certain fallback options from your config.php globally ('fundevogel.charts.optionName'):

Option Type Default Description
'type' string DonutGraph Default chart type to be created
'template' string chart Default file template
'width' int 100 SVG canvas width
'height' int 100 SVG canvas height
'precision' int 2 Rounding precision (-1 = off)
'inline' bool false Return SVG string insead of File


# Create SVG chart as page file
$chart = $page->toChart($data, ['type' => 'DonutGraph'], [
    'donut_slice_gap' => 1.5,
    'inner_radius' => 0.7,
    'start_angle'  => -90,
    'stroke_width' => 0,

Adding more items to the example $data from before and using above code, the generated chart looks like this:



This library is powered by SVGGraph, an extensive library for creating SVG charts, written by goat1000.


kirby3-charts is licensed under the MIT License, but using Kirby in production requires you to buy a license.

Happy coding!