Tiny script to post Sunrise/Sunset Data for any place on earth to the fediverse https://fulda.social/@herecomesthesun
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Here Comes The Sun

A tiny Fediverse bot posting sunruse, sunset, amount of daylight and the difference in daylight to the day before.

The bot in action: Here Comes The Sun Fulda

It is based on (basically an extended version of) the bot SunofBerlin from Henrik Schoenemann.


  • Reworked helper script to register an app with the Mastodon instance used. Check registering_pytooter.py -h
  • Commandline support for the bot too, the Latitude, Longitude and Location name as well as language to use for the toot can be set without code changes.
  • Uses caching, to not run over the limit of the stormglasss.io API (only real interesting if one runs it more than once a day)
  • Translatable, using gettext. Check Weblate if you want to help translate.


  • Python3 with some modules, on Debian you can run apt install python3-babel python3-jinja2 python3-humanize python3-requests for the basic packages. Also pip3 install Mastodon.py for the mastodon wrapper.


  • Create a bot account on the instance you want to use. (Ensure the admins like bots!)
  • Git clone the bots repository, cd into the new directory.
  • Create an account on Stormglass, the bot uses that API to get data. Get the API key and put it into API_KEY.txt in the bots directory.
  • Run ./registering_pytooter.py -u emailofthebot@example.com -i instance.url -p botpassword -c (note that instance.url is just the domain of the instance, without https://)
  • Find the GPS coordinates for which you want to see the data. You can use https://openstreetmap.org - go find the place and double-click it. The URL will now have the latitude/longitude as the two last numbers.
  • Now you can run the bot, supplying the right values for its parameters. For example, to run it and show information for the middle of Fulda in German, run ./Bot_HereComesTheSun.py -l 50.549672 -o 9.668899 -c Fulda -t de
  • Now you can cron this line to run once a day, e.g. use crontab -e and put the following in (adjust the path), to have it run in the morning at 06:01: * 1 6 * * * $HOME/herecomesthesun/Bot_HereComesTheSun.py -l 50.549672 -o 9.668899 -c Fulda -t de