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IF YOU WANT TO EDIT THE WIKI, do so on codeberg.org . The wiki on github.com is a read-only mirror, as is the git repo itself. Issues and PRs will move to codeberg summer 2019, if you want your issue/PR comments migrated properly, please create a codeberg acount before we will migrate.

Make sure to get the Gadgetbridge either from F-Droid or by compiling it yourself.

Obtaining Gadgetbridge

Our official release channel is F-Droid, so you should install the app from there. An unofficial version is available at Google Play if you insist, but not supported by us and often not up-to-date. Please see #480 for some background.

Pairing/Connecting new device

  • It is NOT necesarry to install the MiFit app at all (except for the Mi Band 4 pairing procedure).
  • If you have the MiFit app, make sure it is not running. Kill or uninstall it.
  • Unpair the band/watch from the phone’s bluetooth.
  • Ensure GPS/location services are enabled on your device (this is related to Android permission system, since Android 6).
  • Make sure to give Location service permissions to Gadgetbridge.
  • Run Gadgedbridge and add new device to Gadgetbridge by pressing the Plus button.
  • After the device has been discovered, follow the instructions.
  • For further information check out the wiki for details about general configuration, some specifics about your particular device or, FAQ or developer info.