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Gadgetbridge Widgets

There are two widgets in Gadgetbridge:

  • Zzz widget for quick alarm setting
  • Main widget which shows current step count, sleep hours, status and allows alarm settings too

Zzz widget

Upont tapping the Zzz, this widget quickly sets an alarm after "Preferred sleep duration" as set in Preferences → About you.

Main widget

It shows current device name, step count, sleep hours and battery level/or status if not connected (Not connected/Connecting/Battery percentage).

The widget provides quick access to several actions:

  • Tap on the Device name requests data re-sync. If device is currently not connected via Bluetooth, Gadgetbridge attempts to reconnect first
  • Clock icon opens Alarm popup to quickly set an alarm for 5/10/20mins/1hour/8hours (last item uses hours value as is set in your Preferences → About you → Preferred sleep duration).
  • Gadgetbridge icon opens the Gadgetbridge app
  • Steps/sleep opens up the Activity charts in Gadgetbridge
  • Long tap the widget to resize it

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