7 Watchfaces
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Gadgetbridge supports watchfaces via it's FW installer - watchface files are uploaded the same way as is a software update.

Watchface files for Xiaomi/Amazfit devices can be found for example on https://amazfitwatchfaces.com/.

Download preferred .bin file to your mobile device, then via file manager open it with FW installer.

In the Amazfit Bip/Bip Lite, One custom watchface can be used. Amazfit Band 5/MB5 have slots for 3 custom watchfaces.

Custom watchface cannot be deleted from the watch/band with Gadgetbridge, but can be overwritten by another one. Also, the stock watchfaces always remain and can be chosen from at any time.


Open downloaded watchface file in a file manager:

Open With

Choose FW Installer:

Choose FW Installer


FW Installer

Amazfit Bip: Color Palette

Here is the color palette supported by the Bip (note that the Bip Lite and Bip S support a wider range of color)

IMPORTANT: Do NOT flash a Bip S watchface on a Bip, you risk bricking the device!

Color Name HEX Preview
Black 000000 #000000
Blue 0000FF #0000FF
Green 00FF00 #0000FF
Red FF0000 #FF0000
Cyan 00FFFF #00FFFF
Magenta FF00FF #FF00FF
Yellow FFFF00 #FFFF00
Transparent FEFE00 #FEFE00