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Gadgetbridge allows export of Sports Activities (workouts) recorded with the Amazfit Bip (and maybe few other bands - MB3 has also been tested and works). All workout types are supported and for outside activities (like Walking, Running, Cycling, ...) that contain GPS data, a GPX file can be exported to your phone or shared with another android application. The GPX file also contains Heart Rate data, if it was recorded.

If you have activities synced before August 2020 showing only date information + GPX and if these activities are still on the device, you can re-fetch them to get more information, thanks to new parsing implemented in August 2020. See details here.

Use the running man icon running man icon in the device card to open the Sports Activities page:

device menu

Sports Activities page

Here you can synchronize activities from the device, view them and also delete.

activities list

Sports Activity data synchronization

Press the sync floating action button sync button or swipe down. Please note that only one workout will be fetched at a time, you have to sync again to get the next activity and so on.

Gadgetbridge remembers the time of last synced item so if the workout data is still in the band/watch (some devices erase it after transfer), you can re-fetch the data anytime later by using the three dots menu ⋮ → Reset fetch time, setting the time back (to date before this activity happened) and re-syncing.

menu reset

Selecting, management and viewing

Tapping on an Activity opens up a detail, long tap allows multiselection and further Delete or Share the GPX file, if the activity contains it. You can also share the GPX later from the Sports Activity Detail page.



You can use the Filter icon icon filter to only show listing of activities you like to see.

filter window

Summary statistics

You can see statistics calculation for the listed activities as a first item of the list. You can also use the Filter icon icon filter and get statistics for the filtered activities only.

statistics drawer

Sports Activity Detail

This shows details about the activity. If GPX is part of the activity, it can be shared. There is a hidden function here: if you long tap on the activity icon, the values will switch from recalculated (for example min/km) to raw, as provided by the band (for example sec/m). This is useful for troubleshooting.

activity detail open with

You can edit Name of the activity by tapping the pencil icon pencil icon.

edit name

GPX files

GPX files can be found in android/data/nodomain.freyourgadget.gadgetbridge/files along with log files. The prefix is "gadgetbridge-track-" followed by the date/time.

View GPX data

You can view the GPX file with for example these FLOSS applications:

Not supported features

Please be aware that not every detail of the workout is currently being stored in Gadgetbridge. Also, interpretting the data is a challenge, if you spot an issue, try to figure out what the correct representation might be and please report.