Mi Band 3 Firmware Update
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Our policy in the known firmware lists is to list every firmware only once, and name the first stable Mi Fit version where it can be found (version scheme A.B.C not A.B.C.D). If the a firmware can only be found in beta versions, then name the fist beta version where it can be found.


This feature has the potential to brick your Mi Band 3. You are doing this at your own risk.

It seems that the Mi Band 3 (non-NFC) Firmware is a transition firmware that should be flashed before going to a newer firmware!!

Getting the firmware

Since we may not distribute the firmware, you have to do a little work. You need to find and download a Mi Fit APK file. There is an APK Mirror Web site that might help you find Mi Fit. Extract the downloaded .apk file with “unzip”, and you will find an assets/ directory containing *.fw files, among others.

Choosing the right firmware version for your Model

Device Name HW Revisions needed files
Mi Band 3 V0.18.3.2 V0.18.3.4 V0.18.3.6 V0.18.4.1 V0.18.4.3 Mili_wuhan.fw, Mili_wuhan.res
Mi Band 3 (with NFC) V0.20.131.33 Mili_chongqing.fw Mili_chongqing.res

Note: After flashing some firmware versions the first time coming from prior versions you have to remove the pairing in Android Bluetooth settings, then press the + button in Gadgetbridge to pair again. Do this if you have problems connecting after a firmware update, you wont lose any data. After that continue with flashing the .res file.

Installing the firmware

Copy the desired Mi Band 3 .fw and .res files to your Android device and open the .fw file from any file manager on that device. The Gadgetbridge firmware update activity should then be started and guide you through the installation process. Repeat with the .res file (you don’t have to do this if the previous version you flashed had exactly the same .res version).
If you get the error “Element cannot be installed” or “The file format is not supported” try a different file manager. Amaze should work.

About Languages and fonts

There are two font files for the Mi Band 3, Mili_wuhan.ft (the normal, pre-installed one) and Mili_wuhan.ft.kj which is only for Japanese and Korean. In older firmware versions language set in Gadgetbridge has to match the font file (.ft.kj file for Japanese and Korean, .ft file for everything else) - else the menu text is blank and the Mi Band will ask you to update if you reconnect, which means you have to install the matching font file. This is no longer the case since at least firmware, Flashing the .ft.kj font allows to use ALL languages. Still language switching will change the available characters, even if they share the same font. For example switching to German will enable ä,ö,ü but disable all Chinese characters.

Known Firmware Versions (Mi Band 3 without NFC)

0.0.0 series (Alpha, not recommened to try)

fw ver MiFit ver tested known issues res ver fw-md5 res-md5 no ? 3 ca4907e6ad 6fda92d7be 3.2.2 no ? 4 9b22823e03 7031b4b74a no ? 8 52bafd7161 78f93c3ad6 no ? 10 6334ceaa94 83ab66ca9e no ? 12 ff796309ee a4b1a11252 3.2.5 no ? 12 7b01597a7d a4b1a11252 no ? 13 18756050d6 83ed6c31cd no ? 14 2e73191d3a 5d75abcc8f no ? 16 71c90b194f 32562a6376 3.2.7 no ? 17 c420a69d63 cf92efd216 no ? 17 b7118f5438 cf92efd216 no ? 19 7cbd641f47 a8e069f81e no ? 19 cdab230ce9 a8e069f81e no ? 23 ce1400be96 a0febd689f
fw ver MiFit ver tested known issues res ver fw-md5 res-md5 no ? 26 7b4e6d52f9 0957a421d5 3.3.1 no ? 27 40eace0caa 9becdd1581 no ? 28 79a737a3a6 03c9edeb32 3.3.2 no ? 28 959a393813 03c9edeb32 3.3.6 no ? 29 92a3541414 fd7e7236d1

>1.1.0 series

fw ver MiFit ver tested known issues res ver fw-md5 res-md5 3.4.1 no ? 33 95cacbb55b 57d2724c4d no ? 34 d5fdd509d4 0787aede98 3.4.4 no ? 35 28a5d5b8d8 108869297b yes ? 37 bfb6f624ac 6aff668df3 3.4.5 no ? 37 185de41047 6aff668df3 no ? 40 b88a78645b 36019608bb 3.4.6 yes ? 40 d35b91d0e1 36019608bb no ? 40 e25aa35f47 36019608bb no ? 40 4013ff5318 36019608bb 3.4.7 no ? 40 efa49a6d1e 36019608bb 3.5.2 yes ? 42 7dd4b563f4 8b6394b18f 3.5.3 yes ? 44 d3c210c3fd 0dfb4d6a39 yes ? 46 c0e8a785f5 3663911461 3.5.5 yes ? 46 b9365c294b 3663911461 3.5.7 (Mi Store) yes ? 46 7439a8a3f0 3663911461 3.5.8 yes ? 46 5506158003 3663911461 3.5.9 yes ? 46 97297cb1b2 3663911461 4.0.0 yes ? 47 fc1d136ee0 e752a9c2c1 4.0.5 yes ? 49 a17873ec40 36a25c1a10 4.0.7 yes ? 49 e78ca23d38 36a25c1a10

Known Firmware Versions (Mi Band 3 with NFC)

0.0.0 series (Alpha, not recommened to try)

fw ver MiFit ver tested known issues res ver fw-md5 res-md5 no ? 32 ef39594666 fcd43383c8 3.4.2 no ? 33 04dbb9ecba 57d2724c4d

>1.0.0 series

fw ver MiFit ver tested known issues res ver fw-md5 res-md5 no ? 34 22c116ed61 0787aede98 no ? 37 c6a8a78e9a 6aff668df3 3.4.3 no ? 34 a6073b0e38 0787aede98 no ? 40 0a4b4a2167 36019608bb no ? 40 017d8c919c 36019608bb 3.4.7 no ? 40 9c44dc42ac 36019608bb 3.5.0 no ? 40 28ae6347c5 36019608bb no ? 40 0e285b28cb 36019608bb 3.5.2 no ? 42 69567576ee 8b6394b18f no ? 43 5e8d086cd3 8e471c4a06 no ? 44 857ea0786a 0dfb4d6a39 3.5.3 no ? 44 b79dc37bc4 0dfb4d6a39 3.5.4 no ? 44 950c505a78 0dfb4d6a39 no ? 46 2849fd65e0 3663911461 3.5.5 no ? 46 b8ac10f8a7 3663911461 3.5.8 no ? 46 2501bb07b7 3663911461 4.0.0 no ? 47 d64f151aaa e752a9c2c1