7 Huami Heartrate measurement
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Heartrate measurement on MiBand/Amazfit

Whole day HR measurement

You can set an interval of minimal HR checking:

  • OFF
  • Every minute
  • Every 5 minutes
  • Every 10 minutes
  • Every 30 minutes
  • Once an hour

And the band will take measurements at least once in this interval. If an activity is detected, more frequent measurements are taken, capturing the enire activity in detail. So it is often sufficient to use the Once an hour interval and the band will capture all your active time, plus one sample per hour during idle time.

Sleep HR measurement

The Use heartrate sensor to improve sleep detection enables HR measurement when sleep was detected by the watch. Whole day measurement (as per above) must be enabled for this feature to work.

Bluetooth Heart rate sensor

Some devices (probably all or most Huami bands like Mi Band 2, Mi Band 3, Mi Band 4, Mi Band 5, Amazfit Bip and more) support acting as a BLE HR sensor. You can enable this feature in the Device specific settings: 3rd party realtime HR access. Do note, that some devices seem to have this actually ON all the time and it cannot be disabled (Amazfit Bip, Amazfit Cor2, AmazfitBipLite, MiBand2).

Once enabled, Gadgetbridge doesn't even need to be running and the data is still available via Bluetooth LE. For the Heart rate data to be actually measured and sent you need to either run an Activity on the band/watch or be in the Heartrate/Status screen (one time value only), or have Whole day HR measurement enabled. Because the whole day measurement detects activity automatically, once you get moving, HR measurements are taken frequently.

Some example known apps to work with these data:

Here is how you can see your HR in BLE Explorer

Once the sharing is enabled and activity is started on the device (or status screen on Bip is used) live data is visible in BLE Explorer, in the Heartrate section, first line (the 00002a37... characteristics). You must enable the notify toggle. GB does not need to run nor be connected anymore, the sensor remains available but you must keep the activity running, for fresh data to be sent.