7 Huami Button Actions
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Configurable button events

Some devices offer a button press to be recognized in the Gadgetbridge and allow assigning actions to these presses. Currently, this is available in MiBand 2, Amazfit Bip and Amazfit Bip Lite. (know about more? Please help with edits).

You can configure Gadgetbridge to trigger an action or send a broadcast message with a variable `button_id, which is a number indicating an id of the triggered event.

button actions

Gadgetbridge configuration:

  • In Device specific settings go to Button actions.

  • Set Button actions to Enabled

  • Button press count - set to your desired number of consequent presses to form an Event, for example 1

  • Maximum delay between presses - time (ms) within which button presses are joined together into an Event, for example 500

  • If you set Button press count to 1, to trigger Event 1, you must pres 1x, to trigger Event2, you must press 2x quickly...

  • If you set Button press count to 2, to trigger Event 1, you must pres 2x quickly, to trigger Event2, you must press 4x quickly...

Event action

For each Event, you can choose an action. These include Media Play/Pause, Media Toggle Playback, Next/Previous Track, Volume Up/Down, Skup forward/back and Send broadcast.

Broadcast message

This message can be customized and it also contains a variable called button_id, with and ID of the Event.


To make use of these broadcast messages, you need to now catch the sent broadcast message and trigger an action. You need an app to do this, you can install Easer, or Tasker...

Easer configuration

This example shows how to make play/pause toggle to the broadcast nodomain.freeyourgadget.gadgetbridge.mibandButtonPressed without utilizing the button_id /at this point, Easer actually does not allow utilizing of message parameters, like device_id).

  • Allow permissions

  • Create configuration via Menu → Data

  • Profile → + → Title: Toggle → Select an Operation → Android → Media Control → Toggle Play/Pause

  • Event → + → Title: Broadcast → Choose an Event → Android → Receive Broadcast → Action: nodomain.freeyourgadget.gadgetbridge.mibandButtonPressed

  • Condition → Leave empty

  • Script → +

    • Profile: select Toggle
    • Event: select Broadcast
  • Profit ;)

Note: "Toggle Play/Pause" via Easer will hang up a phone call.

Tasker example:

Device actions Tasker example