17 Huami Alarms
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Alarms database syncing

The Alarm database in Gadgetbridge is updated during Bluetooth connect - information about alarms is pulled from the band/watch. Only alarms' status can be retrieved, but not their times. Database of alarms is sent to the device as you exit the Edit alarms activity in Gadgetbridge.

Enabling/disabling alarms in the gadget

When alarms are enabled/disabled on the device, info is pushed to Gadgetbridge either right away (while connected) or on next connect (as per above).

Marking alarms as unused in Gadgetbridge

Alarms disabled via Gadgetbride are also sent to the device, which can make it a bit confussing and cluttered especially on smaller screen bands (MB3, MB4...), but it is beneficial on devices, where alarms can be enabled/disabled on the device itself (Bip, MB4). To hide unused alarms, alarms can be set as unused, via long tap on the alarm in the alarm list. These alarms are then not shown in the device.