8 How to Release
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How to create a new release

  1. Make sure you are on master and on current HEAD
  2. fetch and rebase weblate repo
  3. Add/commit translations, if applicable
  4. Update changelogs:
    • CHANGELOG.md
    • app/src/main/res/xml/changelog_master.xml
    • fastlane/metadata/android/en-US/changelogs/XXXX.txt (XXXX is a versionCode)
  5. Adjust versionName and versionCode in app/build.gradle
  6. Unarchive Github, push to it
  7. Make sure it builds and testcases succeed (ideally)
  8. Archive Github
  9. Push the changes
  10. Tag the version and push the tag:
    • git tag versionCode
    • git push upstream/versionCode
    • Note: remember to (re)move your local Tag and never do git push --tags
  11. Party!
  12. Write a blog post and publish it
  13. Write a short Mastodon post