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Obtaining Gadgetbridge

There are multiple ways to get Gadgetbridge:

  • Official release channel is done via F-Droid, see listing for Gadgetbridge and we encourage you to install the app through there. This will ensure timely updates and signed packages which are verifiably built from the published source code.

  • If you do not have F-Droid installed/cannot install it, you can download official, signed Gadgetbridge apks from the Gadgetbridge listing page and side-load them into your device. You then have to take care of updating yourself.

  • You can build Gadgetbridge from source code.

  • There is an unofficial, unsupported version at Google Play and we discourage anyone from using it. It is not endorsed by the core team. This app has not been updated in a long time and we cannot guarantee that the source code is unmodified. Please see issue #480 for some background, discussion and explanation of why the developers of Gadgetbridge will to not publish into the Play Store.

Pairing/Connecting new device

  • It is NOT necesarry to install the MiFit app at all (except for the Mi Band 4 pairing procedure).
  • If you have the MiFit app, make sure it is not running. Kill or uninstall it.
  • Unpair the band/watch from the phone’s bluetooth.
  • Ensure GPS/location services are enabled on your device (this is related to Android permission system, since Android 6).
  • Make sure to give Location service permissions to Gadgetbridge.
  • Run Gadgedbridge and add new device to Gadgetbridge by pressing the Plus button.
  • After the device has been discovered, follow the instructions.
  • For further information check out the wiki for details about general configuration, some specifics about your particular device or, FAQ or developer info.