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Some bands (Bip, Bip S...) contain a GPS receiver.

The GPS chip performs better if it has recent aGPS data.

This can be obtained via https://github.com/argrento/huami-token, for example:

python ./huami_token.py -m xiaomi -e my@email -p p4ssword -g

That will download the following two files:

  • cep_7days.zip
  • cep_alm_pak.zip

From the cep_alm_pak.zip you unzip cep_pak.bin and gps_alm.bin and flash into the watch.

You can also do the same with the huami-token python script wrapped into python GUI kivi and packaged for Android as the Huafetcher https://codeberg.org/vanous/huafetcher .

It downloads and unzips the cep_pak.bin and gps_alm.bin into /storage/emulated/0.