7 GPS recording of sports activities
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GPS data

Gadgetbridge does not provide GPS data for activity tracking. If you think it does provide GPS because Location permission is required, it is not correct. Location permission is required for Bluetooth scanning, because on Android this is considered as a possible way to reveal information about the user's location, please see the explanation here.

So if the band/watch does not have it's own GPS, the recorded Activity will not have GPS in the form of GPX file. Therefore the MB3/4/5... do not have GPS recorded with their "Workout" or "Sports" recorded activities. Some watches that do have GPS are for example the Amazfit Bip and they do contain GPS track in the recorded Sports Activities Workouts, which is a dedicated Gadgetbridge feature for devices with GPS.

If you like to make a GPS record of your activity, you can use another sports tracking app and utilize some dedicated Gadgetbridge features that make integration nicer.

Here are examples of two nice apps that do sports tracking:

See full manual of Integrating Sports Tracking apps with Gadgetbridge Sports Activities/Workouts on how to set this up.

Heart rate

You can use the Bluetooth Heart rate sensor sharing to another apps.


We have enabled ongoing notifications for two popular FLOSS sports tracking apps mentioned above ( OpenTracks and FitoTrack ). This allows you to observe notifications of an ongoing activity tracked by these apps right on your wrist. Normally, we block ongoing notifications because these could be emitted many times per second and thus cause fast battery drain and also other possible issues. It is therefore recommended to set the SettingsMinimum time between notifications to a few seconds. You can of course always block notifications of these apps completely via the regular Notification blacklist.