7 Amazfit Bip S
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Amazfit Bip S

The Amazfit Bip S is an improved Version of the original Amazfit Bip. It has a few hardware changes and software improvements:

  • 64 (RGB222) insted of 8 colors (RGB111), however the new screen is not as readable in low-light environments as the old one, but looks much nices when the background light is enabled than the original Bip screen.
  • Music controls officially supported
  • Better HR Sensor
  • (probably more)

There are a few protocol changes in comparison to the original Bip, and support in Gadgetbridge is not yet on par with the original Amazfit Bip. Make sure to always use the latest Gadgetbridge release.

That being said, the Bip S is working mostly in the same way regular Amazfit Bip does, so please also refer to it's wiki page.