62 Amazfit Bip
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Amazfit Bip status

This device acts almost like the Mi Band 2, and almost all features that work on the Mi Band 2 already work for Amazfit Bip.

Additional features

  • Rejecting phone calls
  • Ignoring calls
  • Weather forecast
  • Full text notifications with icons
  • Export of activities with GPS and HR data
  • Flash new watchfaces (with the firmware update tool)
  • Use button for actions

Features that work on Mi Band 2 but not on the Bip:

  • Reboot (debug menu)

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Getting started

When powered up for the first time, the device demands that you connect in via the official App. This is not necessary, you can get started with Gadgetbridge only.

Steps to follow:

  • Install Gadgetbridge
  • If you had your watch previously paired to your phone’s bluetooth, make sure to unpair it first.
  • When starting Gadgetbridge the first time, it will automatically attempt to discover and pair your Amazfit Bip. When your Bip notifies the pairing process, tap it quickly a few times in a row to confirm the pairing.

Also see Companion Device pairing


New devices and older devices with updated firmware require server based pairing. This means, that you absolutely must use MiFit app to make the initial pairing, retrieve the pairing key and then use this key to pair with Gadgetbridge. Currently, Mi Band 4 and Amazfit Bip Lite are known to be the first device with this enabled from the beggining. Read page Server based pairing for further details.