16 Activity and Sleep Charts
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In order to receive data, make sure that no other app is syncing and removing the data from your device, so make sure that the official app is not running. Kill the app (this might be not possible as every notification might start it up again) or uninstall it.

Synchronisation of steps and sleep

To synchronize/fetch steps and sleep data from the watch/band to Gadgetbridge, you can press the Sync icon on the Device card in the Control panel. (Some devices push this data to Gadgetbridge automatically (like Pebble) so the Sync icon is not present).

sync activity

Charts access

To access the Activity charts, use the Charts icon:

Activity charts

Charts settings

The Charts section in Gadgetbridge provides comprehensive overview of sleep time, activity time, number of steps and so on. Visibility and position of each tab can be adjusted on per device basis in device preferences icon Device specific preference settings:

charts tabs settings


Activity and sleep

This displays activity intensity (movement) on Y axis (green during the dy, blue during night), heart rate on Y axis (orange), time on X axis:

charts image sleep


Detailed view just for the past night. You can adjust the view interval as Noon to noon or Past 24 hours. The circular chart shows light/deep sleep break down. Do note, that for most watches, the deep sleep detection is not reliable. But, what you mostly care about is heart rate, often this can be enabled as Continuous HR measurement or Improve sleep detection by using HR in settings. Minimum/maximum and average heart rate is displayed in the heart icon. Also, movement intensity (the blue lines on Y axis) is displayed as total for the night in the intensity icon.

charts image sleep

Activity Sessions

See more details in Activity Sessions List

charts image list charts image list dashboard

Sleep per week/month

The Y axis shows light/deep sleep, make sure to add them up for total amount of sleep. Average and over/lack of sleep is displayed.

charts image sleep

Steps per week/month

charts image steps charts image steps

Steps Streaks

The Steps per month now provide new icon to access Steps Streaks screen:

steps streaks icon

Steps streaks screen shows ongoing (if present), longest steps streak (series of days without interruption with the daily step goal reached) and also total statistics of daily goals success rate. You can use long press on some text elements to read more details, for example the total steps per day average.

steps streaks

Speed zones

See breakdown by steps per minute.

charts image live activity

Live activity

You can get a chart of life values (if your device supports that).

charts image live activity


The stress screen provides with an overview of the stress levels during the day, as well as the average stress and breakdown of time for each stress level.

charts image stress


PAI (Personal Activity Intelligence) consists of a score computed by some sports watches and bands, based on the last 7 days of activity. The expected goal is to maintain a score of 100 PAI or higher. PAI points are earned by elevating the heart rate. The PAI screen provides with an overview of the daily PAI score, as computed by the watch.

charts image pai