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* Amazfit GTR2: Improve firmware update support (still partly broken)
* Amazfit GTR2/GTS2: Prevent emoji transliterating (Seems to support emoji)
* Amazfit GTS2/GTR2: Fixes for setting menu items (Probably still partly broken)
* Amazfit GTS2/GTR2: Send wind speed and sunrise/sunset
* Fossil Hybrid HR: Send actual application icons for notification on the watch
* Fossil Hybrid HR: Support dismissing incoming calls with a quick SMS reply
* Huami: Remove unused calendar slots
* Huami: Send wind speed in Beaufort for some devices
* InfiniTime: Add support for battery info
* InfiniTime: Support title for notifications on firmware 0.15
* InfiniTime: Implement find device by simulating a phone call
* Adjust Steps Charts steps values offset to account for large phone screen sizes
* Make Activity Charts dates move as calendar months and to go to now if jumping past today
* Make Battery Info time span jump as calendar months and not as days