A free and cloudless replacement for your gadget vendors' closed source Android applications. See the list for supported devices. https://gadgetbridge.org
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Before reporting a bug, please confirm the following:

I got Gadgetbridge from:

If you got it from Google Play, please note that version is unofficial and not supported here; it’s also often quite outdated. Please switch to one of the above versions if you can.

Your issue is:

If possible, please attach logs! that might help identifying the problem. Long logs can be also included but make sure to tuck them into the details tag:

Click to see my log, which is a bit longer
Here go lines of that log.

Your wearable device is:

Please specify model and firmware version if possible

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Your Gadgetbridge version is:

New issues about already solved/documented topics could be closed without further comments. Same for too generic or incomplete reports.