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  cpfeiffer e3c42ace2d Updated translations from transifex (thanks!) 4 years ago
  cpfeiffer d1d3e758d9 Support configurable notifications. Closes #53 4 years ago
  cpfeiffer 4be50b3a82 Fix typo 4 years ago
  cpfeiffer 301c7622ef Is in assets/ now, was not supposed to be committed here 4 years ago
  cpfeiffer 14a05c3383 Initial support for rebooting the device 4 years ago
  cpfeiffer 9819819b92 Create the wait-latch before running the action, and only if neeeded 4 years ago
  Andreas Shimokawa 55400817b4 Pebble: experiment with extensible notifications 4 years ago
  Andreas Shimokawa 2b98620ee0 Mi Band: Prepare preferences for vibration count, use number as input type for numeric field 4 years ago
  cpfeiffer 562840a7c5 Actually call the new generic notification handler 4 years ago
  Andreas Shimokawa 80eb386dd8 fix DebugActivity, was broken since we translated it :/ 4 years ago
  cpfeiffer d2bcccaeef Use logback-android for logging to external storage 4 years ago
  cpfeiffer 27d725853f Add extra handler for generic notifications 4 years ago
  Andreas Shimokawa c81e28c030 simplify code 4 years ago
  Andreas Shimokawa 1b2f20160a fix some lint warnings, mostly simplifications 4 years ago
  Andreas Shimokawa f8341918ee compile fix 4 years ago
  Andreas Shimokawa 7540a3955b Pebble: experiment with launching watchapps from Gadgetbridge 4 years ago
  cpfeiffer 68383b6c05 Updated translations from transifex (thanks!) 4 years ago
  cpfeiffer 9a26769c3e Search & replace: use slf4j for logging instead of Logcat directly 4 years ago
  Andreas Shimokawa 6fab01a3c2 Pebble: experimenting with more generic application message encoding 4 years ago
  Andreas Shimokawa 05d22b8dd1 update CHANGELOG 4 years ago
  cpfeiffer 87512149a5 This should fix pebble-pairing on bt+btle devices #33 4 years ago
  cpfeiffer 9195652f11 Reformatted from transifex 4 years ago
  cpfeiffer 84d1e95767 Fix removal of async runnable to stop pairing after 60s (#3) 4 years ago
  cpfeiffer b25da80656 Stop discovery when attempting to pair #33 4 years ago
  cpfeiffer 095ada8e5d Attempt to improve Pebble bonding when bonding fails #33 4 years ago
  cpfeiffer be52724fdd Also commit leftover 4 years ago
  cpfeiffer c89bba0cba Remove explicit "Refresh" device list action 4 years ago
  cpfeiffer 61e8d88de4 Rename constant 4 years ago
  cpfeiffer bd2d5fd608 Ensure that device list is refreshed when changing MAC address 4 years ago
  Andreas Shimokawa 2b84ffdc1a update Russian translation 4 years ago
  Andreas Shimokawa b1cb5f3f21 update CHANGELOG, README and bump version to 0.3.5 4 years ago
  Andreas Shimokawa c8feea9f37 Refreshing device list when paired devices change now works. 4 years ago
  Andreas Shimokawa 0d77a5ac05 Try to refresh device list if BluetoothDevice.ACTION_BOND_STATE_CHANGED is received. 4 years ago
  Andreas Shimokawa f101926186 Pebble: No pairing activity, just call createBond() and finish discovery activity 4 years ago
  Andreas Shimokawa a70426d84d Display found Pebbles in DiscoveryActivity 4 years ago
  Andreas Shimokawa 1443c8088c Change default for Pebble Notification Intents back to "when screen off" 4 years ago
  Andreas Shimokawa 22daa507ce readd Italian string that was removed by accident (or by transifex) 4 years ago
  Andreas Shimokawa 7f5b495480 Move Mi Band MAC address setting to Mi Band Settings 4 years ago
  Andreas Shimokawa e78c912be3 Only sync time on time/timezone changes if appropriate option is set. 4 years ago
  Andreas Shimokawa f9efa36322 Add Russian translation (thanks astra1!) 4 years ago
  cpfeiffer fa9bed81ce Updated translations 4 years ago
  cpfeiffer 86119a877a Slight refactoring, add some Logging 4 years ago
  cpfeiffer 39d84831ed Unset dynamic device state (like battery level, etc.) when disconnected 4 years ago
  cpfeiffer 1a7c3c42e4 Do both BT and BTLE discovery (one after another) #33 4 years ago
  cpfeiffer 60210e069c Fix validity check with gender and type 4 years ago
  cpfeiffer 29cc364f8a Updated translations 4 years ago
  cpfeiffer ab5d5f6c6f Made Mi Band preferences localizable 4 years ago
  Andreas Shimokawa 8112d4afd8 update stings 4 years ago
  Andreas Shimokawa 6f162c593b Pebble message intent notifications default to "never" now 4 years ago
  Andreas Shimokawa c999c52501 convert sequence of ifs to switch 4 years ago