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  Andreas Shimokawa 8bed673a95 Annotate LineageOsWeatherReceiver as Android >=M, and only try to use it with Oreo or later 21 hours ago
  keeshii a70aa5e749 Added LineageOs Weather receiver. 1 day ago
  Andreas Shimokawa 5f998d8a95 add stripped down version of weather part of lineage sdk 21 hours ago
  Andreas Shimokawa 75c99158ae collect changes so far into changelog 1 day ago
  Andreas Shimokawa aec3d21216 Mi Band 4: remove unsupported DND setting from settings menu 1 day ago
  Andreas Shimokawa c1145e1244 Mi Band 4: Support flashing the V2 font that came with beta FW 1 day ago
  Andreas Shimokawa d7c6fad235 Mi Band 4: decode swim info (not used yet) 1 week ago
  Andreas Shimokawa 13b078aadd fix verison typo (before I get a PR again :P) 1 week ago
  Andreas Shimokawa c17c3ed341 Improve parsing and debug output for activity summaries from Mi Band/Amazfit 1 week ago
  Andreas Shimokawa 26165f9117 Amazfit Bip/Cor: Fix resetting of last fetched date for sports activities 1 week ago
  Andreas Shimokawa 320f792d19 Add icons for "swimming" and "exercise" 1 week ago
  Andreas Shimokawa b5ea3ca591 Hexdump sports activity packets for better analysis 1 week ago
  Andreas Shimokawa f99bc0de64 Move another file from AmazfitBip to Huami which is no longer Bip specific 1 week ago
  Andreas Shimokawa ff7886765f Add Swimming to sport activity types, rename some AmazfitBip stuff to Huami (these were things introduced with the bip but working with other devices now also) 1 week ago
  Andreas Shimokawa 42a6b9f48b update dependencies 1 week ago
  Andreas Shimokawa e1016e18b3 Put all chart preferences into a preference screen 1 week ago
  vanous 404bdc4713 Polish strings key to keep consistency with the project. 1 week ago
  vanous a263059317 Modify charts range based on settings. More/Less labels density. 1 week ago
  vanous 80bd31d894 Modify Charts Fragment's Titles 1 week ago
  vanous 28fde846ea Modify getTitle(). Probably not visible, but done for completness. 1 week ago
  vanous f68485e6f0 Add Preferences and strins. Format Preferences. 1 week ago
  Giuseppe 2a2bc7257f Translated using Weblate (Italian) 2 weeks ago
  Richard Finegold 0c35eec2f7 Fix firmware spelling in CHANGELOG.md 3 weeks ago
  vanous 3017742cba Added type to intent when sharing 1 week ago
  vanous 5fe4ea7246 Clean commented code 1 week ago
  vanous 7809655ef4 Add Average Settings. Addformat method to get average. 1 week ago
  vanous f11628b42b Add Averages to Charts 1 week ago
  vanous c243541c6e Add dedicated charts section into Settings 1 week ago
  Konrad Iturbe da59991aa5 Use Rebble Store URI 2 weeks ago
  Andreas Shimokawa 366aa60d2e Merge branch 'vanous-Add-New-Fastlane-Screenshots' 1 week ago
  Andreas Shimokawa 3bc569a19a Merge branch 'Add-New-Fastlane-Screenshots' of https://github.com/vanous/Gadgetbridge into vanous-Add-New-Fastlane-Screenshots 1 week ago
  Andreas Shimokawa 0fd4d523a0 Amazfit Bip: Whitelist new firmware versions I tested 2 weeks ago
  vanous 0c22dd4ff4 Fix SleepPerWeek shot text alignment 2 weeks ago
  vanous a81bd87be9 Add Screenshots 2 weeks ago
  Andreas Shimokawa 57a235742d Properly disable new ble scanning for testing 2 weeks ago
  Andreas Shimokawa 461842a945 fix copyright header for newly added file 2 weeks ago
  Andreas Shimokawa 02d02d2329 Add Initial Mijia LYWSD02 support (Smart Clock with Humidity and Temperature Sensor) 2 weeks ago
  Andreas Shimokawa aefd7520f3 Mi Band 3/4, Amazfit Cor/Bip: set language immediately when changing it (not only on connect) 3 weeks ago
  Andreas Shimokawa 97540d734f Mi Band 3/4: Allow enabling the "NFC" menu where supported 3 weeks ago
  Andreas Shimokawa bb03ccccb4 fix wording 3 weeks ago
  Andreas Shimokawa ad7939a641 bump version, add changelog 3 weeks ago
  Andreas Shimokawa c4af864ad5 Fix crash when installing firmware to Mi Band 1/2 while App is in Spanish 3 weeks ago
  Leo bonilla 3197b85111 Translated using Weblate (Spanish) 3 weeks ago
  Full Name e99ce564b4 Translated using Weblate (Czech) 3 weeks ago
  nautilusx 686a12b8cb Translated using Weblate (German) 3 weeks ago
  Allan Nordhøy 86dec419e1 Translated using Weblate (Norwegian Bokmål) 4 weeks ago
  Yaron Shahrabani 5c3741b33f Translated using Weblate (Hebrew) 4 weeks ago
  Rafael Fontenelle 66a735d68d Translated using Weblate (Portuguese (Brazil)) 4 weeks ago
  陈少举 b1a6c4670f Translated using Weblate (Chinese (Simplified)) 4 weeks ago
  vanous a7cf28b505 Add weblate translation progress badge 3 weeks ago