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Please see [FEATURES.md](https://codeberg.org/Freeyourgadget/Gadgetbridge/src/master/FEATURES.md)

## Getting Started (Pebble)

Please [this wiki article](https://codeberg.org/Freeyourgadget/Gadgetbridge/wiki/Pebble-Getting-Started)

## How to use (Mi Band 1+2)

* Invoke the discovery activity manually via the "+" button. It will ask you for some personal info that appears
to be needed for proper steps calculation on the band. If you do not provide these,
some hardcoded default "dummy" values will be used instead.

When your Mi Band starts to vibrate and blink during the pairing process,
tap it quickly a few times in a row to confirm the pairing with the band.

1. Configure other notifications as desired
2. Go back to the "Gadgetbridge" activity
3. Tap the Mi Band item to connect if you're not connected yet
4. To test, chose "Debug" from the menu and play around

**Known Issues:**

* The initial connection to a Mi Band sometimes takes a little patience. Try to connect a few times, wait,
and try connecting again. This only happens until you have "bonded" with the Mi Band, i.e. until it
knows your MAC address. This behavior may also only occur with older firmware versions.
* If you use other apps like Mi Fit, and "bonding" with Gadgetbridge does not work, please
try to unpair the band in the other app and try again with Gadgetbridge.
* While all Mi Band devices are supported, some firmware versions might work better than others.
You can consult the [projects wiki pages](https://codeberg.org/Freeyourgadget/Gadgetbridge/wiki/Mi-Band)
to check if your firmware version is fully supported or if an upgrade/downgrade might be beneficial.
* In order to display text notifications on the Mi Band 2, you have to [install a font on the band](https://codeberg.org/Freeyourgadget/Gadgetbridge/wiki/Mi-Band-2).

## Features (Liveview)

* set time (automatically upon connection)
* display notifications and vibrate

## Authors
### Core Team (in order of first code contribution)