A list of Userstyles I've made! This repo is a mess, so please browse from https://userstyles.world/user/freeplay ! https://userstyles.world/user/freeplay
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Freeplay 37a3546576 Upload files to 'images' 7 hours ago
images Upload files to 'images' 7 hours ago
snippets Force update to newer Twitter Tweaks userstyle 2 months ago
twitter 1.0.6 2 days ago
Cleaner-BookWyrm.user.css 1.0.0 7 hours ago
GreasyFork-Modernised.user.css 1.3.12 4 months ago
Mastodon-CustomThemeColor.user.css Update 'Mastodon-CustomThemeColor.user.css' 7 months ago
Mastodon-Twitter_For_Mastodon.user.css 1.0.4 - Domain change 3 weeks ago
Mastodon_Cozact.user.css Fixed UpdateURL 4 months ago
RocketChat-DiscordTheme.user.css Update 'RocketChat-DiscordTheme.user.css' 9 months ago
StyleBase-Tweaks.user.css Fixed version number & UpdateURL 4 months ago
Twitch-Transparent_Theater_Chat.user.css Release 6 months ago
Userstyles.world_tweaks.user.css 1.1.3 1 day ago
cleaner-stylus.user.css 1.1.0 - Added support for the manage page! 1 week ago
discord-purple-theme.user.css 1.0.3 5 months ago
discord_server-list-drawer.user.css 1.0.2 1 week ago
discord_teardrop-messages.user.css 1.0.9 4 weeks ago
pretzel-rocks-modernized.user.css Added Code 4 months ago
protonmail-compact.user.css 1.0.5 - Did a lot of something and changed a lot of stuff I think it's a lot better now 4 months ago
readme.md Add 'readme.md' 1 month ago
stylus_floating-sidebar.user.css 1.0.1 - Quick fix 2 weeks ago