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Pausing Development (for now)

Honestly I don't really have much to say, it's mostly just been a lack of motivation. Especially since Atom sunsetted, which I was using for the compilation of files. I'll need to figure out a way of easily compiling them again. I might come back to this in the future or sooner. But if I were to continue this, I would rather it be contributing to Gitea itself, than having it be a big pile of messy CSS code added on top of what's already there.

Gitea Modern

Changes the layout of Gitea to give it a more modern look. Can be used with any other themes that change only colors!

Gitea Modern Repository Page Gitea Modern Explore Page Gitea Modern Profile Page

Note: The Stylus browser extension and Stylus preprocessor are two different things.

Usage as a Gitea theme, or use Stylus to apply to any instance

To install the theme for all Gitea users:

  1. Make sure you're on the latest version of Gitea!
  2. Download the theme-gitea-modern.css file and add it to your custom folder in $GITEA_CUSTOM/public/css/ (learn how to find that directory).
  • The path has changed in Gitea 1.15, there the file needs to be placed in $GITEA_CUSTOM/public/assets/css
  • Gitea 1.16 uses the old path at $GITEA_CUSTOM/public/css/
  1. Adapt your app.ini to make it the default theme or be user-selectable:
    • To change the default theme, change the value of DEFAULT_THEME in the ui section of app.ini to gitea-modern

    • To make a theme selectable by users in their profile settings, append ,gitea-modern to the list of THEMES in your app.ini.

  2. Restart Gitea
  3. Enjoy :)


To make changes, always base them on theme-gitea-modern.styl, which requires the Stylus preprocessor. When making contributions, don't use the compiled version for your changes.