[Gitea Modern] Styles I've made that can be added to platforms themselves. View UserStyles list: https://codeberg.org/Freeplay/UserStyles
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Gitea Modern

This style changes the layout of Gitea, and uses Gitea's color variables. It can be used with any theme that changes only colors.

Gitea Modern Repository Page Gitea Modern Explore Page Gitea Modern Profile Page

Note: The Stylus browser extension and Stylus preprocessor are two different things.

Usage as Gitea theme

To install the theme for all Gitea users:

  1. Make sure you're on the latest version of Gitea! (Working 1.15)
  2. Download the theme-gitea-modern.css file and add it to your custom folder in $GITEA_CUSTOM/public/css/ (learn how to find that directory).
  • The path has changed in Gitea 1.15, there the file needs to be placed in $GITEA_CUSTOM/public/assets/css
  1. Adapt your app.ini to make it the default theme or be user-selectable:
    • To change the default theme, change the value of DEFAULT_THEME in the ui section of app.ini to gitea-modern

    • To make a theme selectable by users in their profile settings, append ,gitea-modern to the list of THEMES in your app.ini.

  2. Restart Gitea
  3. Enjoy :)

Usage with Stylus

If you use the Stylus browser extension, you can use the theme-gitea-modern.user.css file to apply to any Gitea instance.


To make changes, always base them on theme-gitea-modern.styl, which requires the Stylus preprocessor. When making contributions, don't use the compiled version for your changes.