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Slime Shooter - Godot & FOSS Learning Project

Slime Shooter screenshot

This is a project created with the express purpose of sharing all the source to help others learn to make a basic shooter game. This includes Godot project files for the game, Inkscape & MyPaint source files for the graphics, and LMMS source files for the sounds.

All FOSS / Libre

Player character

Everything is create with free, libre, open source software.

Directory structure:

This project was developed on the Manjaro operating system.


Slimule enemy character

Everything included here is shared freely with the only requirement being that sharing is extended to others. To that end:

  • License for the included code is GPL

  • License for the included graphics is CC BY-SA

In short, use for whatever you like but please share your changes with others.

There is also a font named "Press_Start_2P" included, made by codeman38, shared under the SIL Open Font License

About Freed Creative

My name is Kezz Bracey, and Freed Creative is my personal way to help people who do creative work either professionally or recreationally enjoy more software freedom and accessibility in their lives.

I want digital creativity to be accessible to more people, and with more choice & freedom.