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Yorik van Havre 8c571f90a0 Implemented SendToPythonConsole FreeCAD-wide (edit and context menu) 2 weeks ago
3rdParty reset define NETGEN_PYTHON to avoid hard dependency to pybind11 3 months ago
App App: add methods to change import/export module of a registered filetype 1 month ago
Base add units Gauss, Weber and Oersted 1 month ago
Build Improve Version.h handling 6 months ago
CXX core system 5 months ago
Doc Cleanup in doxygen stuff 7 months ago
Ext python: add option INSTALL_TO_SITEPACKAGES 1 month ago
Gui Implemented SendToPythonConsole FreeCAD-wide (edit and context menu) 2 weeks ago
MacAppBundle Add Qt Assistant to mac app 1 year ago
Main Update copyright information [skip ci] 2 weeks ago
Mod FEM: constraint contact, move retrieving the face ids in writer base class 2 weeks ago
Tools Fix typo in [skip ci] 1 month ago
WindowsInstaller InstallerStructure: update according to current state 2 months ago
XDGData Add Russian localization to desktop file 9 months ago
zipios++ Fix -Wdeprecated-copy warnings (rule of 5/3/0) 4 months ago
CMakeLists.txt Linux: add XDG metadata files 1 year ago
FCConfig.h Typo fixes for doxygen and source comments 2 years ago
QtOpenGL.h.cmake disabling depth test makes 3d viewer work again 2 years ago
boost_any_1_55.hpp Misc. typos 2 years ago + unify DLL export defines to namespace names 8 years ago