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Yorik van Havre a5fe35413a Merge branch 'master' of 2 weeks ago
3rdParty boost 1.73.0: The practice of declaring the Bind placeholders (_1, _2, ...) in the global namespace is deprecated 1 month ago
App Fix Crowdin typos and various other typos/grammar [skip ci] 3 weeks ago
Base Fix comment in Quantity.cpp 3 weeks ago
Build Improve Version.h handling 11 months ago
CXX Porting Py3.8/Py3.9: 1 month ago
Doc Doc: [skip ci] fix check for doxygen 2 months ago
Ext win: fix path to freecad library 2 months ago
Gui Merged crowdin translations 2 weeks ago
MacAppBundle Add Qt Assistant to mac app 2 years ago
Main [skip ci] do not set attribute WA_DeleteOnClose when loading FreeCAD GUI from Python 1 month ago
Mod Merge branch 'master' of 2 weeks ago
Tools Py3.8: missing initializer for member '_typeobject::tp_vectorcall' [-Wmissing-field-initializers] 1 month ago
WindowsInstaller InstallerStructure: update according to current state 8 months ago
XDGData Better description and more screenshots in freedesktop app description 1 month ago
zipios++ Handle clang 10 warnings: 2 months ago
CMakeLists.txt Linux: add XDG metadata files 1 year ago
FCConfig.h Typo fixes for doxygen and source comments 3 years ago
QtOpenGL.h.cmake disabling depth test makes 3d viewer work again 3 years ago
boost_any_1_55.hpp Misc. typos 2 years ago
boost_bind_bind.hpp boost: [skip ci] prepare fix for boost < 1.68 1 month ago + unify DLL export defines to namespace names 8 years ago