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berniev ab7644441f cmake: correct usage of ifdefined (PR #7829) 3 weeks ago
FreeCAD_Helpers cmake: correct usage of ifdefined (PR #7829) 3 weeks ago
ConfigureChecks.cmake App: add a CMake test to check if C runtime provides backtrace symbols 1 year ago
FindCoin3DDoc.cmake build: fix Coin 3d documentation discovering 2 years ago
FindEigen3.cmake When using cMake find_package_handle_standard_args(), we might aswell give it the version number detected aswell 4 years ago
FindKDL.cmake + unify DLL export defines to namespace names 11 years ago
FindMEDFile.cmake [CMAKE] Add version info for MEDfile 2 years ago
FindMatplotlib.cmake CMake: Fix find Matplotlib 2 years ago
FindNETGEN.cmake smesh: [skip ci] port Netgen plugin to v6.2 2 years ago
FindOCC.cmake Rename FindOpenCasCade.cmake to FindOCC.cmake 6 months ago
FindOpenCV.cmake source typo fixes pt1 (only on py3 merged code) 6 years ago
FindPyCXX.cmake PyCXX: update to version 6.3.0 4 months ago
FindPySide2Tools.cmake remove unused code in find pyside 3 weeks ago
FindPySide6Tools.cmake remove unused code in find pyside 3 weeks ago
FindRift.cmake Make a new Build option for building VR support and make FindRift using the 64bit libs 8 years ago
FindSMESH.cmake extend find_package(SMESH) 3 months ago
FindSpnav.cmake Spelling error in variable name, caused the setting to never be applied: SPANV_LIBRARY vs SPNAV_LIBRARY 4 years ago
FreeCadMacros.cmake remove QT4 references 9 months ago
UseLibPackCLbundler.cmake remove QT4 references 9 months ago