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stress2 is a tool for finding problems in the kernel.

It is composed of a large number of regression tests, tests that
stress various components of the kernel and a few validation tests.
There are currently some 700 different tests.

The key idea behind stress2 is to randomize as much as possible in
a test, as a way of achieving better coverage. For example, varying
VM pressure, varying numbers of threads, varying delays, etc.
stress2 has found a large number of problems:

To run the full test suite type "make test" in the stress2 directory.

To run a subset of tests, go to the stress2/misc directory.
To run for example all tmpfs tests, type ./ -o $(grep -l tmpfs *.sh)
To run for one hour, type ./ -m 60"
To run three times, type ./ -l 3

Peter Holm <>