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Peter Holm 90c5fd4875 stress2: Added a regression test 2 days ago
auxinfo Do a sweep and remove most WARNS=6 settings 1 year ago
avx_sig Add a tool to test AVX context integrity under ctx switches and signals (amd64) 1 month ago
bsnmp Add a makefile to build and run the tests for the bsnmp library. 2 years ago
callout_free Save the last callout function executed on each CPU 3 years ago
devrandom $Id$ -> $FreeBSD$ 23 years ago
gpioevents Provide userland notification of gpio pin changes ("userland gpio interrupts"). 1 year ago
hwpmc General further adoption of SPDX licensing ID tags. 4 years ago
iconv iconv: Fix "make make-ref" 4 months ago
malloc Do a sweep and remove most WARNS=6 settings 1 year ago
net Do a sweep and remove most WARNS=6 settings 1 year ago
netfibs Do a sweep and remove most WARNS=6 settings 1 year ago
popss Add the test program to examine CPU behaviour for pop ss issue 4 years ago
ppsapi Eliminate a "format string is not a string literal" warning. 5 years ago
pthread_vfork Rework the handling of the children for the pthread_vfork_test. The 9 years ago
ptrace test/ptrace/scescx.c: fix printing of braces for syscalls without args 4 months ago
sort Remove apparently unused 0-byte files that cause grief on Windows 3 years ago
stress2 stress2: Added a regression test 2 days ago
testfloat Remove libthr, csu, libthread_db and testfloat sparc64 specific directories. 2 years ago
upsdl tools/test/upsdl: fix compiler warnings 4 months ago
vm86 Add a test for vm86(2), simple to use and diagnose. 4 years ago
README stress2: Initial import 11 months ago



This directory is for standalone test programs. For the FreeBSD
Test Suite, which uses Kyua, please see /usr/src/tests/

A test program is one that exercises a particular bit of the system
and either tries to break it or measures its performance.

Please make a subdir per program, and add a brief description to this file.

auxinfo Return information on page sizes, CPUs, and OS release date.
devrandom Programs to test /dev/*random.
gpioevents Test delivery of gpio pin-change events to userland.
hwpmc Automatically trigger every event in hwpmc(4).
iconv Character set conversion tests.
malloc A program to test and benchmark malloc().
net A set of generic test programs for networking.
netfibs Programs to test multi-FIB network stacks.
posixshm A program to test POSIX shared memory.
ppsapi Test 1 Pulse Per Second (1PPS) input for time control.
pthread_vfork Check that vfork and pthreads work together.
ptrace Verify that ptrace works with syscalls, vfork etc.
sort Tests for the sort command, including a full regression.
stress2 Kernel stress tool.
testfloat Programs to test floating-point implementations
upsdl Test of mmap functionality.