FreeBSD source tree
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Jessica Clarke e0cb1fe7dd cross-build: Provide _PASSWORD_EFMT1 for libcrypt on Linux 6 hours ago
LibraryReport $Id$ -> $FreeBSD$ 23 years ago
boot CI: add arm64 support to 5 months ago
bsdbox ncurses: only keep the version with widechar support 11 months ago
build cross-build: Provide _PASSWORD_EFMT1 for libcrypt on Linux 5 hours ago
bus_space Add support for Python 3 and make it the default. 2 years ago
coccinelle copystr(9): Move to deprecate (attempt #2) 2 years ago
debugscripts since was removed a while back, this script isn't useful 1 year ago
diag The fsdb(8) utility uses the fsck_ffs(8) disk I/O interfaces, so 1 year ago
ifnet * Handle ++x as well as x++ while converting. 8 years ago
kerneldoc twa: Remove 2 weeks ago
lua Move ifconfig SFP status functionality into libifconfig 1 year ago
pkgbase Add pkgbase METALOG parse/check tool 2 years ago
regression Fix a few typos in source code comments 4 months ago
sched Add a dtrace script for collecting schedgraph data 5 years ago
test stress2: This test runs for hours with ASLR enabled 2 days ago
tools Revert "wpa: Import wpa_supplicant/hostapd commit 14ab4a816" 4 days ago
uma/smrstress Fix the smrstress build after r358400. 1 year ago
README - Add $FreeBSD$ 22 years ago Fix handling -U. It does not take any arguments. 4 years ago Improve the library dependencies helper script in src/tools. 4 years ago Remove the old depend (mkdep) code and make FAST_DEPEND the one true way. 6 years ago



This directory tree contains tools used for the maintenance and
testing of FreeBSD. There is no toplevel Makefile structure since
these tools are not meant to be built as part of the standard system,
though there may be individual Makefiles in some of the subdirs.

Please read the README files in the subdirs for further information.