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# $FreeBSD$
# Originally from $NetBSD: Makefile,v 1.21 1997/10/26 22:08:38 lukem Exp $
# Notes:
# - We don't use the libc strerror/sys_errlist because the string table is
# quite large.
.include <>
LIB?= sa
# standalone components and stuff we have modified locally
SRCS+= gzguts.h zutil.h __main.c abort.c assert.c bcd.c environment.c \
getopt.c gets.c globals.c \
hexdump.c pager.c panic.c printf.c strdup.c strerror.c \
random.c sbrk.c tslog.c twiddle.c zalloc.c zalloc_malloc.c
# private (pruned) versions of libc string functions
SRCS+= strcasecmp.c
SRCS+= ntoh.c
# string functions from libc
.PATH: ${LIBCSRC}/string
SRCS+= bcmp.c bcopy.c bzero.c ffs.c fls.c \
memccpy.c memchr.c memcmp.c memcpy.c memmove.c memset.c \
strcat.c strchr.c strchrnul.c strcmp.c strcpy.c stpcpy.c stpncpy.c \
strcspn.c strlcat.c strlcpy.c strlen.c strncat.c strncmp.c strncpy.c \
strnlen.c strpbrk.c strrchr.c strsep.c strspn.c strstr.c strtok.c swab.c
# stdlib functions from libc
.PATH: ${LIBCSRC}/stdlib
SRCS+= abs.c strtol.c strtoll.c strtoul.c strtoull.c
# common boot code
.PATH: ${SYSDIR}/kern
SRCS+= subr_boot.c
.if ${MACHINE_CPUARCH} == "arm"
.PATH: ${LIBCSRC}/arm/gen
# Do not generate movt/movw, because the relocation fixup for them does not
# translate to the -Bsymbolic -pie format required by self_reloc() in loader(8).
# Also, the fpu is not available in a standalone environment.
CFLAGS.clang+= -mno-movt
CFLAGS.clang+= -mfpu=none
.PATH: ${SRCTOP}/contrib/llvm-project/compiler-rt/lib/builtins/arm/
SRCS+= aeabi_idivmod.S aeabi_ldivmod.S aeabi_uidivmod.S aeabi_uldivmod.S
SRCS+= aeabi_memcmp.S aeabi_memcpy.S aeabi_memmove.S aeabi_memset.S
.if ${MACHINE_CPUARCH} == "aarch64" || ${MACHINE_CPUARCH} == "riscv"
# Compiler support functions
.PATH: ${SRCTOP}/contrib/llvm-project/compiler-rt/lib/builtins/
# __clzsi2 and ctzsi2 for various builtin functions
SRCS+= clzsi2.c ctzsi2.c
# Divide and modulus functions called by the compiler
SRCS+= divmoddi4.c divmodsi4.c divdi3.c divsi3.c moddi3.c modsi3.c
SRCS+= udivmoddi4.c udivmodsi4.c udivdi3.c udivsi3.c umoddi3.c umodsi3.c
SRCS+= ashldi3.c ashrdi3.c lshrdi3.c
.if ${MACHINE_CPUARCH:Namd64:Ni386} == ""
.PATH: ${SASRC}/x86
SRCS+= hypervisor.c
.if ${MACHINE_CPUARCH} == "powerpc"
SRCS+= syncicache.c
# uuid functions from libc
.PATH: ${LIBCSRC}/uuid
SRCS+= uuid_create_nil.c uuid_equal.c uuid_from_string.c uuid_is_nil.c uuid_to_string.c
# _setjmp/_longjmp
SRCS+= _setjmp.S
# decompression functionality from libbz2
# NOTE: to actually test this functionality after libbz2 upgrade compile
# loader(8) with LOADER_BZIP2_SUPPORT defined
.PATH: ${SRCTOP}/contrib/bzip2
SRCS+=bzlib.c crctable.c decompress.c huffman.c randtable.c
# decompression functionality from zlib
.PATH: ${SRCTOP}/sys/contrib/zlib
CFLAGS+=-DHAVE_MEMCPY -I${SRCTOP}/sys/contrib/zlib
SRCS+= adler32.c crc32.c
SRCS+= infback.c inffast.c inflate.c inftrees.c zutil.c
# lz4 decompression functionality
.PATH: ${SRCTOP}/sys/cddl/contrib/opensolaris/common/lz4
SRCS+= lz4.c
CFLAGS.lz4.c+= -I${SRCTOP}/sys/cddl/contrib/opensolaris/common/lz4
# Create a subset of includes that are safe, as well as adjusting those that aren't
# The lists may drive people nuts, but they are explicitly opt-in
FAKE_DIRS=xlocale arpa
SAFE_INCS=a.out.h assert.h elf.h limits.h nlist.h setjmp.h stddef.h stdbool.h string.h strings.h time.h unistd.h uuid.h
STAND_H_INC=ctype.h fcntl.h signal.h stdio.h stdlib.h
OTHER_INC=stdarg.h errno.h stdint.h
mkdir -p ${FAKE_DIRS}; \
for i in ${SAFE_INCS}; do \
ln -sf ${SRCTOP}/include/$$i $$i; \
done; \
ln -sf ${SYSDIR}/${MACHINE}/include/stdarg.h stdarg.h; \
ln -sf ${SYSDIR}/sys/errno.h errno.h; \
ln -sf ${SYSDIR}/sys/stdint.h stdint.h; \
ln -sf ${SRCTOP}/include/arpa/inet.h arpa/inet.h; \
ln -sf ${SRCTOP}/include/arpa/tftp.h arpa/tftp.h; \
for i in _time.h _strings.h _string.h; do \
[ -f xlocale/$$i ] || :> xlocale/$$i; \
done; \
for i in ${STAND_H_INC}; do \
ln -sf ${SASRC}/stand.h $$i; \
# io routines
SRCS+= closeall.c dev.c ioctl.c nullfs.c stat.c mount.c \
fstat.c close.c lseek.c open.c read.c write.c readdir.c
# SMBios routines
SRCS+= smbios.c
# Export serial numbers, UUID, and asset tag from loader.
# Use little-endian UUID format as defined in SMBIOS 2.6.
# Use network-endian UUID format for backward compatibility.
# network routines
SRCS+= arp.c ether.c ip.c inet_ntoa.c in_cksum.c net.c udp.c netif.c rpc.c
# network info services:
SRCS+= bootp.c rarp.c bootparam.c
# boot filesystems
SRCS+= ufs.c nfs.c cd9660.c tftp.c gzipfs.c bzipfs.c
SRCS+= dosfs.c ext2fs.c
SRCS+= splitfs.c
SRCS+= pkgfs.c
# Time support
SRCS+= time.c
# kernel ufs support
.PATH: ${SRCTOP}/sys/ufs/ffs
SRCS+=ffs_subr.c ffs_tables.c
CFLAGS.bzipfs.c+= -I${SRCTOP}/contrib/bzip2
# explicit_bzero and calculate_crc32c
.PATH: ${SYSDIR}/libkern
SRCS+= explicit_bzero.c crc32_libkern.c
# Maybe GELI
.if ${MK_LOADER_GELI} == "yes"
.include "${SASRC}/geli/"
.if ${MK_LOADER_VERIEXEC} == "yes" && ${MK_BEARSSL} == "yes"
.include "${SRCTOP}/lib/libbearssl/"
.include "${SRCTOP}/lib/libsecureboot/"
# Maybe ZFS
.if ${MK_LOADER_ZFS} == "yes"
.include "${SASRC}/zfs/"
.include <>