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Li-Wen Hsu 73f8667ed4
Document my doc commit bit history
1 day ago
Makefile Stop installing eqnchar which has been removed 4 years ago
Makefile.depend Add META_MODE support. 6 years ago
ascii Use standard name for ASCII LF and FF control codes 6 years ago
birthtoken BSD 4.4 Lite Share Sources 28 years ago
bsd-family-tree bsd-family-tree: Add 2.8BSD relationship to Research 7th edition 4 months ago Document my doc commit bit history 1 day ago Add myself as ports committer and update mentor/mentee information 4 weeks ago Add Thomas Munro to the committers graph 4 months ago
flowers Correct spelling of "lily" [0] 9 years ago Install the file (after 1 year in the source tree). 23 years ago
iso639 locale: add cnr (Montenegrin) 4 years ago
iso3166 share/misc: Update URLs 4 months ago
latin1 Provide an iso8859 table similar to share/misc/ascii. 19 years ago
mdoc.template mdoc: reorder sections consistently 11 years ago
operator Add C++ operators to operator(7) manual page. 13 years ago share/misc: Update URLs 4 months ago
pci_vendors pci_vendors: update to 2021.09.19 1 month ago
scsi_modes Add Timeout and Protect mode page description from MMC-6. 5 years ago
usb_hid_usages Add Digitizer-related usage IDs from HUTRR30 and HUTRR34. 11 years ago