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#	@(#)README	8.1 (Berkeley) 6/5/93
# $FreeBSD$

WEB ---- (introduction provided by jaw@riacs) -------------------------

Welcome to web2 (Webster's Second International) all 234,936 words worth.
The 1934 copyright has lapsed, according to the supplier. The
supplemental 'web2a' list contains hyphenated terms as well as assorted
noun and adverbial phrases. The wordlist makes a dandy 'grep' victim.

-- James A. Woods {ihnp4,hplabs}!ames!jaw (or jaw@riacs)

Country names are stored in the file /usr/share/misc/iso3166.

FreeBSD Maintenance Notes ---------------------------------------------

Note that FreeBSD is not maintaining a historical document, we're
maintaining a list of current [American] English spellings.

A few words have been removed because their spellings have depreciated.
This list of words includes:
corelation (and its derivatives) "correlation" is the preferred spelling
freen typographical error in original file
freend archaic spelling no longer in use;
masks common typo in modern text


A list of technical terms has been added in the file 'freebsd'. This
word list contains FreeBSD/Unix lexicon that is used by the system
documentation. It makes a great ispell(1) personal dictionary to
supplement the standard English language dictionary.