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# $FreeBSD$
.include <>
libexec usr.bin usr.sbin
SUBDIR.${MK_TESTS}+= tests
SUBDIR.${MK_CAROOT}+= caroot
# These are the programs which depend on crypto, but not Kerberos.
SPROGS= lib/libfetch lib/libpam lib/libradius lib/libtelnet \
bin/ed libexec/telnetd usr.bin/fetch usr.bin/telnet \
usr.sbin/ppp usr.sbin/tcpdump/tcpdump
.if ${MK_SENDMAIL} != "no"
# This target is used to rebuild these programs with crypto.
secure: .MAKE .PHONY
.for entry in ${SPROGS}
cd ${.CURDIR:H}/${entry}; \
${MAKE} cleandir; \
${MAKE} obj; \
${MAKE} all; \
${MAKE} install
# This target is used to rebuild these programs without crypto.
insecure: .MAKE .PHONY
.for entry in ${SPROGS}
cd ${.CURDIR:H}/${entry}; \
${MAKE} MK_CRYPT=no cleandir; \
${MAKE} MK_CRYPT=no obj; \
${MAKE} MK_CRYPT=no all; \
${MAKE} MK_CRYPT=no install
.include <>