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Philip Paeps 94c2d487f1 contrib/tzdata: import tzdata 2021b 1 day ago
arm-optimized-routines Import Arm Optimized Routines v21.02 3 months ago
atf Import atf 0.22 snapshot 55c21b2c5fb189bbdfccb2b297bfa89236502542 2 weeks ago
bc usr.bin/ghä-bc, contrib/bc: update to version 5.0.0 2 months ago
bearssl Add libbearssl 3 years ago
blacklist blacklistd.conf.5: typo/grammar fixes 1 year ago
bmake make: fix MAKE_JOB_ERROR_TOKEN 2 weeks ago
bsnmp Revert "bsnmpclient(3): make it thread-safe" 9 months ago
byacc yacc: Regen test cases for the previous commit 8 months ago
bzip2 Upgrade to Bzip2 version 1.0.8. 2 years ago
capsicum-test Re-enable network ioctls in capability mode 5 months ago
com_err - On FreeBSD, com_err.h is installed into /usr/include, not /usr/include/krb5. 9 years ago
cortex-strings Work around a bug in QEMU when loading data with a load pair instruction 4 years ago
dialog dialog: fix macro redefinition 7 months ago
diff Fix macro-redefined warning in gnu/diff for fputc_unlocked 8 months ago
dma dma: import snapshot 2021-07-10 5 days ago
ee ee: restore the stdin/stdout terminal check 6 months ago
elftoolchain readelf: document that -u / --unwind is not yet implemented 1 week ago
expat MFV r355071: libbsdxml (expat) 2.2.9. 2 years ago
file Revert r362261, "Re-apply r333944 to unbreak ports" 1 year ago
flex contrib/flex: Drop local __dead2 patch 5 months ago
gdtoa Clean up hardcoded ar(1) flags in the tree to use the global ARFLAGS in 9 years ago
googletest Re-enable disabled googletest-port-test tests after r363820 1 year ago
hyperv/tools hyperv: Add VF bringup scripts and devd rules. 4 years ago
ipfilter Simplify the FreeBSD check using __FreeBSD__ compiler macro. 8 months ago
jemalloc Fix abort in jemalloc extent coalescing. 9 months ago
kyua Revert r359385-r359387 2 years ago
ldns Fix crash in drill(1) when IP has two subsequent dots 1 year ago
ldns-host Initialize first_serial to 0 in dozonetransfer(..) to fix -Wuninitialized 5 years ago
less less: upgrade to v590. 2 months ago
lib9p Import lib9p 9d5aee77bcc1bf0e79b0a3bfefff5fdf2146283c. 12 months ago
libarchive libarchive: import bugfix from upstream 1 month ago
libbegemot Update bsnmp to version 1.13. This does not bring user-visible changes. 3 years ago
libc-pwcache pwcache.3: Explicitly document OOM condition 1 year ago
libc-vis vis(3): avoid out-of-bounds stack buffer reads 3 months ago
libcxxrt Partially revert libcxxrt changes to avoid _Unwind_Exception change 7 months ago
libdivsufsort Change bsdiff to use divsufsort suffix sort library instead of qsufsort, 5 years ago
libedit libedit: import snapshot 2021-09-10 5 days ago
libevent libevent: eliminate in-tree usage of arc4random_addrandom 3 years ago
libexecinfo Pull in fix from upstream NetBSD rev. 1.5: 1 year ago
libpcap MFV r355890: 2 years ago
libucl Fix build post a0409676120c1e558d0ade943019934e0f15118d. 6 months ago
libxo Import libxo-1.4.0: 2 years ago
llvm-project compiler-rt: add aarch64 init function for LSE atomics 3 weeks ago
lua contrib/lua: update to 5.4.2 9 months ago
lutok Add liblutok a lightweight C++ API for lua. 2 years ago
mandoc flua: Add a libjail module 11 months ago
mknod Add NetBSD's mtree to the tree and install it as nmtree as the first step 9 years ago
mtree fts_read: Handle error from a NULL return better. 10 months ago
ncurses ncurses: Apply a tputs() fix from patch 20210403 2 months ago
netbsd-tests libc/tests: Correctly compare si_status from wait6() 2 months ago
netcat Adjust .Dd, missed in r363084. 1 year ago
ngatm Fix the following clang 4.0.0 warning in ngatm's snmp_atm.c: 5 years ago
ntp MFV r362565: 1 year ago
nvi Allow building usr.bin/vi with MK_ASAN 2 months ago
ofed ibstat: Include prototype for sysctlbyname(). 4 months ago
one-true-awk awk: document updating 2 months ago
openbsm close_range: add audit support 7 months ago
opencsd/decoder Update opencsd to 0.14.2 1 year ago
openpam Merge upstream r948: fix race condition in openpam_ttyconv(3). 10 months ago
openresolv MFV 354917, 354918, 354919 2 years ago
opie Revert r328492: 4 years ago
pam_modules/pam_passwdqc Make the PAM password strength checking module WARNS=2 safe. 8 years ago
pf ftp-proxy: Revert incorrect migration to libpfctl 3 months ago
pjdfstest Pull down pjdfstest 0.1 4 years ago
pnglite pnglite: should use ntohl 9 months ago
pnpinfo In contrib/pnpinfo/pnpinfo.c, remove an extraneous parameter from the 10 years ago
processor-trace Update Intel Processor Trace decoder library. 2 years ago
sendmail Key decleration of union semun on src version 11 months ago
smbfs mount_smbfs: Issue a warning when .nsmbrc section name contains lowercase characters. 2 years ago
sqlite3 sqlite3: import sqlite3 3.35.5 5 months ago
tcp_wrappers Remove a duplicate global (rfc931_timeout). 2 years ago
tcpdump tcpdump: decode packets on pfsync interfaces 3 months ago
tcsh tcsh: update to version 6.22.04. 4 months ago
telnet telnet(1): add quiet mode ("telnet -Q") 3 months ago
terminus contrib: setup terminus 9 months ago
tnftp Fix poor performance of ftp(1) due to small SO_SNDBUF and SO_RCVBUF. 2 years ago
traceroute ping: fix some man pages and tests after r368045 10 months ago
tzcode tzcode: Fix operation without WITH_DETECT_TZ_CHANGES 2 weeks ago
tzdata contrib/tzdata: import tzdata 2021b 1 day ago
unbound unbound: Vendor import 1.13.2 1 month ago
unvis Replace our (un)vis(1) commands with implementations from NetBSD to 9 years ago
vis Merge tag 'vendor/NetBSD/vis/20210621' into vis 3 months ago
wpa wpa: Import wpa_supplicant/hostapd commits up to b4f7506ff 3 weeks ago
xz liblzma: Make liblzma use libmd implementation of SHA256. 1 year ago