Personal configuration v2, managed with Ansible
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- name: Deploy dotfiles
hosts: all
gather_facts: true
- 'palette/{{ theme }}.yml'
- name: Check defined variables
import_tasks: tasks/check_variables.yml
tags: always
- name: Check other facts
import_tasks: tasks/check_other.yml
tags: always
- role: scripts
tags: scripts
- role: ssh
tags: ssh
when: not dropbear_ssh_client
- role: aerc
tags: aerc
- role: amfora
tags: amfora
- role: anime-downloader
tags: animedl
- role: bat
tags: bat
- role: btop
tags: btop
- role: castero
tags: castero
- role: cava
tags: [never, cava]
- role: element-desktop
tags: [never, element]
- role: emacs
tags: emacs
- role: fontconfig
tags: fontconfig
- role: gallery-dl
tags: gallery-dl
- role: git
tags: git
- role: glow
tags: glow
- role: gpg
tags: gpg
- role: launcher
tags: launcher
- role: mpd
tags: mpd
- role: mpv
tags: mpv
- role: multiplexer
tags: multiplexer
- role: newsboat
tags: newsboat
- role: notification
tags: notification
- role: nvim
tags: nvim
- role: qtcreator
tags: [never, qtcreator]
- role: qutebrowser
tags: qutebrowser
when: default_browser == 'qutebrowser'
- role: ripgrep
tags: ripgrep
- role: river
tags: river
- role: shells
tags: shells
- role: sway
tags: sway
- role: terminal
tags: terminal
- role: translate-shell
tags: trans
- role: vifm
tags: vifm
- role: waybar
tags: waybar
- role: weechat
tags: weechat
- role: xdg
tags: xdg
- role: yt-dlp
tags: ytdl
- role: streamlink
tags: streamlink
- role: zathura
tags: zathura